Unlikely Assassin’s Creed 5 setting and story

By Peter Chubb - Nov 8, 2013

It seems rather strange that there is already talk about the next Assassin’s Creed installment, especially when it’s only been a few weeks since the release of Assassin’s Creed 4. However, this is how the video game market works, and the fact that sales are down on AC4 compared to AC3 is also a great motivation to talk about the next installment.

For years fans of the Assassin’s Creed franchise have been asking when Ubisoft are likely to make a huge setting change and deliver a modern or futuristic story. Okay, we know that the characters live in the modern world and, which is where they get to experience their ancestral memories, but that’s as far as it goes.

If you were hoping the setting and story for Assassin’s Creed 5 was going to go modern, then we have the unfortunate news of telling you this is unlikely to happen anytime soon. This is not a wild rumor either, but a quote taken from what the lead writer of Assassin’s Creed 4 had said on Reddit AMA.

The reason for this is because the mechanics to make it believable would be a tough task because there are always complications when modern cities, vehicles and weapons are involved.

It seems that Ubisoft are happy to stick with the modern world just for a small part of the story, and as such will continue to explore periods from our past. With this in mind, we have to wonder what the Assassin’s Creed setting, and more importantly its story will be?

We are sorry to bring you this news, but it seems as though the likelihood of an Assassin running about a futuristic city shooting a laser gun at enemies will just stay as a wild dream for some fans of the franchise.

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  • Bob Johnson Smithman


    You are such a moron I am surprized that anyone could be such a stupid troll.

    I’ve played Lost Archives – tell me, smartbutt, was Kristen Bell hired for that DLC? No. Did Lucy speak at all? No.

    Did the traitor who opened the gate in AC1 to let Robert de Sable and his men into Masyaf glow red in Eagle Vision? Yes. Did Lucy EVER glow red in eagle vision??? No.

    Did Lucy and Viddick write themselves a script for every time they might suspect Desmond to be eavesdropping on their conversation? No – that would be ridiculous. Did they write a script for when Lucy confronts Viddick at the close of AC2? No.

    Did countless reviewers say they hated Desmond’s story? Yes. Did the game developers fail at writing a proper story for the modern world? Yes.

    Did the game developers say countless times: (paraphrasing) “The story is not about Desmond. It is about his ancestors.” ? Yes.

    Are you a moron fool? Yes.

    No wonder you’re so tired of “morons like” me because morons like you tend to have small brains that cannot comprehend criticism and so you react in anger.

  • Bob Johnson Smithman

    Just listen to any interview or play Black Flag’s modern story – pay attention to those Templar “Game developer” characters. They emulate Black Flag’s game makers exactly – the messages between the higher up members of Abstergo Entertainment – all they care about is making ANOTHER game! Here’s the thing – the world (the size, the detail of the environment) of AC4 is beautiful – no doubt. It’s huge! There’s so much to do! But that’s exploration gameplay! That is NOT the story. The story has failed on every level. As I’ve said before, they have sunk that ship to a new low – countless reviewers HATE the modern story! Not just have a disdain for it, they hate it! They complain that it’s there. I always had hope for it; half the AC Encyclopedia is about the modern story and its connection to the First Civ and end of the world. BUT they KILLED that story by III! I was so disappointed, and I was rewarded with rivets! “Collect the rivets!” “NOOOO! I won’t! Don’t fail to wrap up a story then expect me to follow some wild goose chase/ hunt for stupid rivets!” AC1 ending “Umm… Desmond didn’t escape?” OH you gotta wait until the second game!!!! AC2 ending “Umm… well that was better, but why does Desmond just stand there while Viddick gets away??” ACB “Umm… why?” ACR “*wipes tears from eyes* I am HOPEFUL!” AC3 “WHAT? WHAT!? STOP WITH THE FREEEEKEN CLIFFHANGERS! Don’t put me on the edge of the cliff, throw me off, pretend to help me climb up then throw me off again! Stop making me question everything! At least when the Desmond’s story ended, they could have explained what happened and why they decided to kill him (that’s not a spoiler, everyone knows that by now). But then again – WHY?! You killed Lucy, not because she was a double agent (she wasn’t btw in my mind because using eagle vision she should have been red if a traitor) but because the voice actor had to leave! The same thing happened! Nathan Drake Desmond Voice Guy said ‘goodbye’ and so they go, hmmm, let’s not just get a new voice to replace him, like what was done in Arkham Origins, but instead – ‘oh, the actor is leaving, let us MURDER the character’ stupid, lame, they are terrible writers in the sense of knowing the basic outline of a story, but not knowing how to write the miniscule parts of it like what was done excellently in Red Dead Redemption or any Rockstar Game (you can see character’s emotionally interact and develop in Rockstar games) – the ‘Suleiman conspiracy’ fillers in Revelations, the slow boring start, lacking true plot twists or excitement or logic in 3, and now a cringe worthy modern story in 4: Black Flag! Just get rid of the modern story, if you are really so desperate to chat about where you will next set your game – ancient china, medieval japan, revolutionary russia – just make us play directly as the ancestors! you’ve ruined a potentially interesting modern story! Badbye!”