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Insignia NS-39L400NA14 HDTV price perfection

It always seems to be this part of the year that we decide to spend a little extra on the family, such as a new TV, but seeing as though budgets are so tight this year, the items that we buy seems to be getting smaller and less extravagant. However, it doesn’t have to be this way because there are some TVs on the market that seems to go against all that and offer something that defies their price.

Because we can relate to this we can understand that it’s not just those expensive 4K TVs you want to hear about, as the budget models seem to be a more popular choice – especially at this time of year. With that in mind you already have the option of the LG 42LN5200, Sharp LC-32LB150U or the Sceptre x322bv-hd, but we know you crave more.

Today we thought you would be interested to learn about the Insignia NS-39L400NA14 HDTV, which to us shows price perfection. Even though this is one of the lesser brands, you still get 1080p, progressive-scan picture quality, and two 6-watt speakers.

Insignia NS-39L400NA14 HDTV includes 3 HDMI ports
Insignia NS-39L400NA14 HDTV includes 3 HDMI ports

The sound quality is not going to be amazing, but what do you expect from such a cheap TV. However, what amazes us are the 3HDMI ports, as there are other TVs within this price range that comes with just one.

Looking over the Insignia NS-39L400NA14 LED TV reviews, they are rather positive. Most owners agree that the picture quality and connection options are rather impressive, but are less impressed with the audio, which we already picked up on.

The Insignia NS-39L400NA14 TV price is currently $249.99 and could possible drop to less that $200 in the build up to Christmas.



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