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HP Slate 7 2800 vs Nexus 7 for price

It’s time for another tablet price watch now, as one tablet from HP has caught our eye this week. If you thought this Nexus 7 offer that we told you about was good, you will be pleasantly surprised to see Amazon offering an amazing price in comparison for the HP Slate 7 2800.

If you are a big music lover, one major advantage of the HP Slate 7 2800 is the fact that it comes with built in Beats Audio technology right out of the box. It also features decent hardware specs too, such as a dual-core 1.6 GHz ARM CORTEX A9 OMAP 4 processor, 1GB of RAM, MicroSD support an 8GB internal hard drive and Android 4.1 OS Jelly Bean.

These are instantly comparable to the Nexus 7, but it is the price that may just push you over the edge during this month. Earlier this week we told you that Amazon were selling the 32GB Nexus 7 for just under $180.

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative and don’t mind having less storage, then you can pick up the HP Slate 7 2800 for just $132.64, which is a very good price considering this tablet is fully customizable for those that want to get straight to installing a newer version of Jelly Bean.

Lovely design
Lovely design

Beats Audio is a nice incentive as well if you want something different to the Nexus 7, so you have plenty of options. We are only just at the start of November too, so it’s maybe even worth holding on even further for future offers.

Do you still think the Nexus 7 tablet beats all in both hardware performance and price? You can check out a HP Slate 7 2800 review here if you’re interested.



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