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Dead Rising 3 720p hate not an issue after gameplay

If you have been keeping up to date with the latest news regarding the Xbox One, you’ll know that there has been a big deal about one of the system’s exclusives, Dead Rising 3. It has been confirmed that the resolution is only going to be 720p and 30FPS, rather than the expected next-gen minimum requirement of 1080p native and 60FPS.

Naturally, Xbox One players are not too happy about this, but it appears that nothing can be done with Capcom, the developers already saying that the resolution and FPS was ‘locked’ in place.

The game still looks great however and now we give you a chance to see some uninterupted gameplay for Dead Rising 3, allowing you make a personal decision on whether the 720p and 30FPS factors really make a difference to your purchase decision or not.

In terms of zombie survival games, Dead Rising 3 is looking like one of the most promising and has already attracted a lot of positive reception from gamers, despite the resolution issue. We now have the first 25 minutes of Dead Rising 3 to show you, courtesy of both IGN and Capcom.

Personally, we think the game looks great. Obviously the 720p resolution is disappointing for a supposed ‘next-gen’ console, but we believe gamers will forget this fairly fast once they actually get down and start playing the game in their hands.

Check out the footage below for yourself and let us know if you still plan to buy Dead Rising 3, regardless of the complaints regarding 720p and 30FPS.



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