COD Ghosts clans with iOS, Android app problems

By Alan Ng - Nov 8, 2013

Have you downloaded the official Call of Duty app yet for iOS and Android devices? The app has been given a huge makeover to coincide with the release of Call of Duty Ghosts. What you may be finding out though, is that the app is needed to fully manage Call of Duty Ghosts clans.

If you take your Call of Duty gaming seriously and are not bothered about the early criticism of the game, you are going to want to download the Call of Duty app as soon as possible. It’s a free download on both iOS and Android platforms and is needed to manage clans, organise your team with tactics and get them ready for the next clan war.

There are some restrictions to Call of Duty clans in place though. For some reason, Activision hasn’t made a desktop version of Call of Duty Ghosts clans available, so the only way to manage your team is via the app or in-game.

We’ve already seen many requests for Activision to change this so at least users can manage their clans on the browser as well when not playing the game.


We’ve also seen that one or two of you are having some early problems with the app. Head to the Google Play review page and you’ll see plenty of 1 star reviews from those who say they can’t run the app properly, or are having issues with certain customization aspects.

Having said that, other users have reported no such problems at all with the app, so opinions are divided. If you have tried to get your clan up and running on Call of Duty Ghosts, let us know your experiences with the app so far.

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  • pappypissinonya

    Now that the grenade turret wont kill aliens next to you in extinction, i will never play call of duty again! i would have bought all the extra stuff too. you have lost a customer for life. THE CAMPAIGN WAS WEAK ANYWAY!!!

  • Godess_SpBx

    This sucks! My phone doesn’t support apps and I don’t want to go out and buy a $300 phone just to manage my clan. My clan is SpBx and we are level 50 and ALL GOLD in both MW3 and BO2. As far as managing it in game-it shows all my clan info as classified and tells me to download the app to view the classified information. I’m not happy at all-not even with the game. Guess it’s time to stop playing COD.

  • Swifty

    In the next update you know how you by guns with squad points on PC or Xbox or PS3. You should put it on the app

  • Baird

    Says I’m in a clan that I never joined on the app but on elite on PC it says i’m in the clan I was with all along

  • Alex

    Mine is telling me that I need to play my first game of Ghosts. I’m a level 34. And yes, I made sure it was the correct account linked, same as my CoD account and ELIT3 account.

    That screenshot in the article above is the first time I’ve seen someone with the same problem as me. Also, in game under the Barracks menu, CLAN DETAILS and CLAN INVITES both have lock icons next to me and are greyed out.

    Otherwise enjoying the game

  • Sage Raine

    My phone says that my devise is not compatible with the version of this app…..i have checked for system updates and it says my phone is up to date. what do i do? i need this app….