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2013 MacBook Pro and Mavericks problems fixed

Whenever Apple releases a new product there are always minor issues, and the 2013 MacBook Pro with Retina and Mac OS X Mavericks were no different. We already reported of their various problems. However, we are pleased to say that these issues have now been resolved by way of an update for each, but are these bugs fully resolved?

Towards the end of last month we reported of several MacBook Pro 2013 refresh issues with the keyboard, trackpad and graphics. In certain cases the keyboard and trackpad would become unresponsive, and so took several efforts to get it to work again.

Thankfully there is now a EFI Update 1.3 for the 2013 MacBook Pro Retina, but the NVIDIA Graphics chip bug requires a different update, both of which are available via the Mac App Store.

Mac OS X Mavericks Mail gets fixed
Mac OS X Mavericks Mail gets fixed

As for the OS X Mavericks mail issue, this was more widespread and so affected a greater number of people, although only seemed to be more of a problem for those using Gmail within the Mavericks Mail app.

This update will not only resolve the Gmail problem but several other stability issues as well, which have been troubling the app since its release last month.

To update this you just need to got to software update at the top left when you are on your desktop.

We’d love to know if these updates have resolved all your issue, or have you found new ones?



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