Xelio 10.1 tablet in favorably review assembly

By Peter Chubb - Nov 7, 2013

The tablet market is a growing business and in years to come will be bigger than PC sales, which the signs have already shown. When they were first released they were a little expensive, but over time (thanks to Android) prices have fallen and as such we are now seeing tablets at ultra low prices. We already know of the £50 tablet in the UK, but we are now seeing one for $50 in the US.

The Xelio 10.1 tablet is not going to go up against the likes of the Nexus 10 or iPad Air in terms of speed or quality, but what it does do is offer consumers a cheaper alternative, and a way to get tablets into the hands of those with less disposable income.

Even though the specs of the Xelio 10.1 tablet are pretty low, this has not stopped some favorably reviews from happy Walmart customers. Its overall rating is 3.5 out of 5 starts, which isn’t that bad for a device that would normally cost $100 and can now be purchased for $50.

Xelio 10.1 tablet about to beat the competition

Xelio 10.1 tablet about to beat the competition

The more positive reviews are from those who knew what to expect from such a cheap tablet, with some of them saying how they purchased the tablet just to test Android apps on. Others just bought the tablet for playing games and reading emails.

If you want the Xelio 10.1 tablet for anything more, then we would say give it a miss. However, if you would still like on, then you can head over to Walmart, although they are still waiting for more stock.

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