Xbox One next-gen questioned over Dead Rising 3

By Alan Ng - Nov 7, 2013

Following on from the disappointment over Battlefield 4, Call of Duty Ghosts and Titanfall having 720p resolutions on the Xbox One, this isn’t what you are going to want to hear. We now have confirmation that Dead Rising 3, the promising Xbox One exclusive from Capcom, is only 720p as well.

After all of the talk on next-gen consoles being 1080p and 60FPS across most games as a minimum requirement for consumers, it looks like we are well away from reaching that reality. While PC gamers snigger in the background over this, it can’t be good reading for those who have already put their cash down on an Xbox One, only to find out that the console is only outputting most games at 720p.

We’ve already seen the backlash of this on social message boards. Gamers are now calling the Xbox One by its original codename, the Xbox ‘720’. We’re also seeing many comments on if the Xbox One truly is ‘next-gen’ worthy after all.

Dead Rising 3 isn’t just 720p, but it’s also locked down at 30FPS – not 60FPS. It appears that Capcom are happy about this as well, even though consumers may not be too happy in the meantime. Here’s what Capcom’s Josh Bridge confirmed to Eurogamer in a recent interview:

When asked what the native resolution for Dead Rising 3 was, here is the response received:

“720p. And I’m really happy with that, with the sheer amount of stuff we have in an open world game locked at 30fps, that’s just brilliant. We’re a 720p game locked at 30fps.”

Would you accept 720p and 30FPS though for the majority of your Xbox One games, for a $500 console? That’s the question we keep seeing asked at the moment, especially when PS4 is outputting games at a higher resolution, with a price that is $100 cheaper than the Xbox One.

That Tweet above is just one example of just how gamers are feeling right now. Let us know your reaction to the latest Xbox One game falling into the 720p trap. Are you happy to accept this for your next-gen console or not?

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  • Mark Coull

    Total joke….this console is not a next gen console!!!…720p at 30fps????and probably 50/60 quid a game…..Jesus Christ….expect that crap from xbox 360 but the amount of money people are gonna pay for this console it’s an absolute joke!!!!….nothing has went right for Microsoft since e3…they won people backby going back on everything they said….but these game resolutions and crap frames per second…PS4 KICKS XBOX 720’s ASS!!!!…even Battlefield 4 running at 900p is a bigbig difference as the multiplayer is non stop.

  • jamie

    I don’t understand why the games are only 720p when the Xbox one can obviously handle 1080 (forza 5 for example) and the game makes can produce 1080 high def games on the Ps4. Why are they so down scaled for the Xbox?

    • Blastiel

      I believe that multiplatform devs are struggling with the hardware much like they did with the PS3. MS opted to go the PS3 route and make a more bespoke machine while Sony made something more like a PC with guidance from developers as to what they need. In time I’m sure it will get better…