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PS4 gets last minute PS Vita Remote Play demo

If you needed one final push on why the PS Vita is a good purchase for you this year alongside the new PS4 console, Killzone Shadow Fall developer Guerilla Games has attempted to win you over. A short clip has emerged, reminding you that the 1080p and 60FPS game can be converted straight over to the 5-inch PS Vita OELD display when required.

There are still a lot of consumers on the fence who are waiting for more reasons to justify the purchase of the PS Vita this year. The arrival of the slimmer 2000 model may not have helped after it was revealed that the display quality was nowhere near as sharp as the original model with its OLED materials.

Price cuts may come during the busy Holiday Season and that is why we could see the floodgates open for those looking for the perfect companion to the PS4. Remote play is now set to be a big part of the PS Vita, with Sony promising that the majority of PS4 titles will be able to support PS Vita via WiFi streaming.

It’s going to be perfect in those situations where you do not get much TV time due to family circumstances – just simply connect games such as Killzone Shadow Fall and continue where you left off on the PS Vita.

Although not the best video quality by far, Guerilla Games has given you an idea of how seamless this feature will be using the PS4 and PS Vita together. We see no evidence of lag during the Remote Play session, while we’re also guessing that Remote Play will also be possible playing Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer on the PS Vita too.

It looks like a very slick feature indeed, but we really want to see a better quality video and more evidence of other games offering this functionality.



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