Pokemon X and Y shiny Honedge location for skeptics

By Alan Ng - Nov 7, 2013

How are you getting on with your Pokemon X and Y shiny collection? We have been keeping you up to date with some of the rare shiny Pokemon that some players have caught, but perhaps one of the most sought after is the Pokemon X and Y shiny Honedge location.

As most of you know though, finding a shiny Pokemon in the wild during a random encounter is incredibly rare and there is no set location where a shiny Pokemon can be captured each time.

Having said that though, there are a lot of superstitious Pokemon X and Y fanatics out there, who are trying all sorts of farming techniques and inside secrets to attempt to regularly snap up shiny Pokemon for themselves.

Firstly though, shiny Honedge looks incredible and has to be one of the most sought after shiny Pokemon in the entire game. We thought shiny mega Gengar looked particularly awesome, but we think Honedge may just be the winner on this occasion.

We have a few videos to show you how some players have obtained their own shiny Honedge. One player provides commentary on how he managed to catch a shiny Honedge on Route 6. He even shows the exact patch of grass in where the encounter took place – just in case some of you feel lucky and want to try out the same thing on your game.

We also have another video from a different player who managed to obtain a shiny Honedge by hatching an egg. The user admits though that it took them around 40-50 eggs though before being successful, so be prepared for a long wait.

Check out the footage and let us know if you have been lucky enough to capture a shiny Honedge. Do you think it is the best shiny Pokemon in the game or not?

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  • Tori

    I got mine in 5 eggs. ;u;

  • itzfritz

    483 eggs and I got my shiny honedge. lol…. way more than 40-50

  • vampirehunterd

    The author of this article makes it sound like 40 or 50 eggs is a lot. That’s nothing! It took me 968 eggs for my shiny eevee and a little over 300 for my shiny charmander. 40 or 50 eggs isn’t even a good start.

    • theminemanner2

      if u have so many charmanders offer them on GTS i did that with (some) my charmanders

      • vampirehunteerd

        I only kept the shiny one.

    • Alucard

      Do they have good IVs? I’ve heard that pokemon bred with good IVs have lesser chance of shiny hatching, but I wouldn’t stop using destiny knot for that..

      • Mysteriex

        Originally, sort of. It used to be based off of the Personality ID of the Pokemon and the ID and Secret ID of the trainer, and some combinations of certain characteristics just couldn’t be shiny for certain people no matter what. However, apparently something else determines whether or not a Pokemon is shiny in gen VI. As for what that is, I don’t know, sadly, but it sounds like a Shiny Pokemon can have any combination of stats now. I could be wrong.