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Pokemon X and Y Friend Safari full list at Serebii

It turns out that the Pokemon X and Y community is a lovely place to reside in, as we found out with our ongoing Pokemon X and Y Friend Safari friend code sharing page. While most of you stay busy trying to add more friends to your list, we now have a heads-up on the full list of Pokemon that can be found inside the Pokemon X and Y Friend Safari.

As most of you have been finding out, the Friend Safari is packed with a ton of Pokemon, but with each member only bringing three random Pokemon to the table. However, these three Pokemon that can be earned can involve any of the Pokemon classes, meaning that you could end up with three Ghost types, three Water types, three Fire types and so on.

If you are lucky, you could also end up with a Ditto or Eevee Safari, which is what a lot of Pokemon X and Y fanatics will be searching for and hunting you down for a friend code if you are eligible.

With this in mind, it’s a good idea to check out a full list of available Pokemon, thanks to Serebii. They have included the entire list for your reading pleasure, allowing you to check which Pokemon you still need and which type to target as you enquire about friend codes.

You’ll also be able to check which special abilities that the Friend Safari Pokemon will come with, such as level 30 Eevee who you can catch with Run Away, Adaptability and Anticipation.

It’s well worth bookmarking the site as you’ll be coming back to check on more than one occasion we feel. Let us know how you are getting with Friend Safari so far. Don’t forget to bookmark our friend code sharing page as well – there’s over 3000 comments, so plenty of codes and friendly users for you to meet.



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