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LG 42LN5200 HDTV reviews after low price

If you are after a new TV to buy as a replacement to the living room TV or just as a secondary TV for the bedroom, we have another contender for you to consider. The LG 42LN5200 42-inch LED HDTV is going to be a popular choice this Holiday season and could be a TV that will end up selling with a massive discount.

LG TV’s are becoming very popular with consumers, especially with the very reasonable prices on the market whilst still containing high end specs that can be matched with rivals such as Samsung and Sony.

The LG 42LN5200 is a TV that combines both of these factors in reasonable price and decent specs. It features a LED display quality for starters, whilst also offering key features such as 1080p HD and 60hz refresh rate. It also has extras thrown in as well such as a cool LED backlight system and MP3 support if you already have your music backed up on an external drive.

Unfortunately, one downside to this TV comes in the fact that it only has one HDMI port, which is slightly odd by today’s standards. It’s by no means a deal breaker though, especially when we tell you that Walmart are selling this for only $378.

Not a bad LED TV for sub $400
Not a bad LED TV for sub $400

This TV usually retails for $400+, so you’ll do well to find a similar leading-brand LED TV for the same price and features – feel free to offer any alternative suggestions on this below in the comments.

If you are interested in buying this, you can head to Walmart’s listing here. We’ve picked out one LG 42LN5200 review for you to read here. You can also check out some user reviews for the same TV over at LG’s official website here.

Are you a fan of LG TVs or not? Let us know your thoughts on this LED model and whether you are considering buying one during the sales.



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