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iOS 7.0.4 update looms with expected changes

iOS 7.0.3 update was released on October 22, and with it brought a few minor bug fixes but not much else. However, if you were hoping that iOS 7.0.4 was going to offer any significant changes, then you will be left feeling a little disappointed.

While we are uncertain as to its release date, we can tell you that there has been some activity with iOS 7.0.4 because there has been increased activity in the number of iOS devices using the next version.

MacRumors has seen web logs and iOS 7.0.4 usage has increased over the past two weeks, proving that Apple is trying to stay on the ball and trying to rectify any issues they might have with the current version, and we know there are a few.

iOS 7.0.4 is coming, although we are not certain when
iOS 7.0.4 is coming, although we are not certain when

Expected iOS 7.0.4 changes – We do not expect to see any major improvements made to the OS, but we should see several more bug fixes, more so with the iPad Air. Apple’s new tablet has been suffering from flickering screen issues, crashing and also poor battery life on previous versions of the iPad.

We cannot be certain if all these issues will be resolved with iOS 7.0.4, and if these are widespread issues, but we also know the battery life problem has also affected iPhone users.

What changes would you like to see in the next iOS 7 update?



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