iOS 7.0.4 update looms with expected changes

By Peter Chubb - Nov 7, 2013

iOS 7.0.3 update was released on October 22, and with it brought a few minor bug fixes but not much else. However, if you were hoping that iOS 7.0.4 was going to offer any significant changes, then you will be left feeling a little disappointed.

While we are uncertain as to its release date, we can tell you that there has been some activity with iOS 7.0.4 because there has been increased activity in the number of iOS devices using the next version.

MacRumors has seen web logs and iOS 7.0.4 usage has increased over the past two weeks, proving that Apple is trying to stay on the ball and trying to rectify any issues they might have with the current version, and we know there are a few.

iOS 7.0.4 is coming, although we are not certain when

iOS 7.0.4 is coming, although we are not certain when

Expected iOS 7.0.4 changes – We do not expect to see any major improvements made to the OS, but we should see several more bug fixes, more so with the iPad Air. Apple’s new tablet has been suffering from flickering screen issues, crashing and also poor battery life on previous versions of the iPad.

We cannot be certain if all these issues will be resolved with iOS 7.0.4, and if these are widespread issues, but we also know the battery life problem has also affected iPhone users.

What changes would you like to see in the next iOS 7 update?

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  • fbcmusicman

    Just downloaded iOS 7.0.4 on my iPad2 and sound is horrendous! Help!

  • mwanderson

    As always with most of these issues, simply back up your iPad or iPhone to your computer or the iCloud and restore the device… then it should, in theory, work fine.

  • Belinda Stevenson

    Just typed huge message and crashed. Here we go again. Purchased new pad 4 four weeks ago and hubby got mu ipad 2. All was working well, then new ios latest caused problems on new machine.
    1. Crashing back to home screen several times day,
    2. Facebook somehow remembered very old email, so cannot access via app on new ipad. Emailed fb no response, three times…….
    3. As disabled ipad is method of comminication for me. Play lexulous which was working on new ipad until latest ios download, now cant do that.
    rang apple 5 hours told to back up amd reset back to that back up which did nothing at all. Rang back. Told to back up again and startbas new ipad. I am very ill and do not habe brain power nor energy for,this.
    So told,me to take to mearest apple store and they would take away for,up,to,four weeks leaving me without one. Now one, i cant drive, and rwo i cannot physically write simce illness, so this is my life diary and comminicator. Asked why if only four weeks old they couldnt cover under warranty, not possible apparently……still dont know why.
    I have neurological problems and this is doing my head in.

    Where do i go for help. Who can fix this.

    • Belinda Stevenson

      It just froze again, it also doesnt connect to internet for 30 mins or so at least twice a day. Have done all the tips and it just wont connect.
      I do not understand why having only just purxhasesmthey wont refund or rplace immediately.
      Any help,advice appreciated thanks