GTA V Stimulus Package live, but some don’t have it

We finally have some great news for GTA V players, the Stimulus Package has now gone live for both Xbox 360 and PS3 platforms. As a surprise, Rockstar has deposited the full $500,000 rather than two payments of $250,000 as previously suggested.

Unfortunately though, not everyone has received their payment yet. Rockstar has confirmed that the money will be delivered to players in stages and may or may not take two full days for it to appear in your GTA V accounts.

The developer has also set a deadline of Friday, in which all GTA V players should have received their money. It’s not nice if your friends have already received a payment, but you have been left waiting for the cash.

Then again, some of you may not have any problems with the wait, since you already have plenty of cash after some shrewd spending and efficient GTA V online mission successes.

We can understand with the delay on this occasion, as obviously Rockstar needs to cater to every single GTA V user who has played the game in October. That is millions of players when you think about it, so just hold on tight and we’re sure you will receive your money soon.

Let us know if you have got the money, or if you are still waiting on PS3 or Xbox 360. Just for fun: Tell us what you intend to spend your $500,000 cash on. Will you blow it all in one go on some explicit activities, or will you be putting the cash towards some new property?



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