COD Ghosts, IW exposed after copied MW2 scene

By Alan Ng - Nov 7, 2013

Well well well. We sometimes like to give Call of Duty the benefit of the doubt when hearing popular debate on how the franchise basically repeats itself year after year. However, once piece of telling evidence has emerged this week, showing Infinity Ward almost copying one scene from Modern Warfare 2 in its entirety and pasting it into Call of Duty Ghosts.

Call of Duty Ghosts is obviously a very solid game which has already received favorable reviews. The brand new Extinction mode is a lovely little surprise for gamers who were not expecting anything similar to Treyarch’s zombie mode, so should we really be pointing the finger at Infinity Ward for a little cut and paste job?

To tell a long story short, it looks like Infinity Ward has used the same clip from the ending of Modern Warfare 2 and inserted it back into the Call of Duty Ghosts intro with some minor differences. The evidence doesn’t lie and can be seen in the video below thanks to YouTuber Tzar.

There’s not much to say really is there – the footage speaks for itself. The big question is whether you have a problem with Infinity Ward reusing a scene from previous work. We obviously see it all the time in other parts of the media industry, so should we let Infinity Ward off on this or not?

Some may be annoyed that Infinity Ward has essentially been a bit lazy and uncreative. We’ll let you have the deciding vote though – watch it below and let us know what you think.

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  • skyfet

    Typical, but the Sheeps don’t mind forking out their yearly payment.

  • Jog

    IW and AV haven’t thought about PC gamers at all in this game.. check out what pc-gamers are talking about FOV in game, it’s creepy 65 degrees.. Which is really small for PC game.. And as usual, game developers wont patch things like these because they are selling their “update” in next year at the price of f……g 60 euros/dollars…

  • Leo

    Well since the real team left and created Respawn Entertainment, the newbies had to find new ways to destroy the franchise.