Xbox One favored over PS4 with more future proof claims

By Alan Ng - Nov 6, 2013

Have you made the crucial decision yet on which next-gen console to buy between the Xbox One or Sony PS4? If you haven’t yet, you’ll be interested to hear about some new thoughts from Microsoft, who boldly claim that their console will start ahead of the PS4 and will go on to remain ahead due to being ‘built for the future’.

It’s obviously not the first time that we have heard Microsoft wax lyrical about their new Xbox One console being ‘future proof’. You may remember a previous article that we wrote, in which Microsoft’s Albert Penello also stated the same thing, to which some consumers were obviously skeptical about.

Now, Microsoft’s director of marketing Craig Flannagan has said in a recent interview that the Xbox One will ‘start ahead of the PS4’. He believes that a better launch lineup is another factor for his reasoning, whilst also putting his head on the line to say that the Xbox One will offer ‘the best experience this Holiday’.

Obviously these kinds of comments are to be expected from a Microsoft director of marketing, but do they still raise a few eyebrows regardless of which platform allegiance you belong to?

Microsoft will need to be a bit careful that they can back up their comments if they are consistently going to market the Xbox One as a console that is ‘future proof’. We would all love to see it after the RROD situation, whilst talk on the Xbox One Cloud does seem very promising, at this early stage.

With just days to go until the launch of both consoles, let us know who you think has the edge. Has the recent drama over resolution changed your mind on the Xbox One or not?

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  • You are flat out wrong

    PR man spouting PR crap. Xbone is Dead On Arrival and no amount of denial changes that.

  • GMAN

    yep future proofed at 720p and a better launch line up how is that future proofed Sony has some of the best studios working on exclusives 180 Games in development < that's future proofed and honestly if a game is good enough it will be available on pc

    • Jack007

      Botch consoles have games which will run at native 1080p, and both will have games that do not. The performance gap isn’t significant, and the gap today will only shrink over time. Industry legend John Carmack said the two are virtually identical, which is (ironically) virtually identical to the claims from the Resident Evil creator as well. So, the power of the systems is really a null issue, especially considering that PC’s blow away both today, and THAT gap will only get larger as this generation goes on.
      Where Sony is way behind Microsoft is on updates, services, cloud integration, platform features, etc… and on all of those levels, Microsoft beats Sony, and Xbox 1 beats PS4.
      My recommendation is to look at the games, and if people see what they want on one, they should go with that one… and if the person cares about services, cloud utilization, entertainment beyond gaming, and TV integration, well then the choice is much easier… the X1 runs away with a victory for that consumer. If you care about the numbers, and you need 1080p or better for all your gaming – PS4 won’t give you that, and X1 won’t give you that either – so your best option is Microsoft’s other platform, the PC.
      In any case, I think the evolution of the 360 shows Microsoft’s commitment to feature additions, and platform support. The Xbox One is easily better positioned to get more updates, faster updates, etc… and that’s certainly more important/more valuable than a few extra cycles on a GPU.

      • ToGameOrNotToGame

        No, Jack. The question one needs to ask oneself is am I buying this for gaming, in which case the PS4 is an easy choice, or am I buying it for things other than gaming like Skype calls, TV, Fantasy Football integration, in which case the X1 is an easy choice.

        • Jack007

          That’s simply false. Xbox 1 has more games and more exclusives at launch… If you want the best games, you have a very tough choice… Because the PS4 will give you a bit of a bump is resolution, but there will be more games on X1, and more exclusives… Not to mention, better services, OS, and features… Throw on top the fact that the X1 ALSO blows away PS4 for entertainment and media, and the choice gets a bit easier, but if you’re only interested in games – the choice is a very hard one…

      • GMAN

        actually most PS4 games run at 1080p so far only 1 has been classified under XBONE and everything is saying that the PS4 is more powerful and has the better hardware and that claim was ages ago with the beta kits and what your ultimately forgetting is its a games console if i wanted a set top box to go with the one in my tv i could of paid $50 for one at any local store or even better use my foxtel and it sounds like you think theres no cloud support on the PS4 u need to do a little bit more research especially since the reviews coming out for the so called great exclusives of XBONE are turning out to be crap you should also checkout ign’s articles they’e recently talked about how the xbone cloud utilisation is going to work

  • Jack007

    I think it’s clear that Xbox One (and Microsoft) is better positioned for future developments than PS4 is. Microsoft’s history of upgrading and adding features to the console easily eclipses Sony’s offerings. Plus, Microsoft’s massive cloud investment really is the dawn of a new era. Developers can freely utilize cloud compute processing for whatever they want, and that kind of an advantage cannot be overlooked. You’ll notice (on day one) that Forza 5 has AI which blows all else out of the water – because every virtual driver is modeled off a real person’s driving behaviors, and it learns/grows/changes over time (like a real person). That kind of AI isn’t possible with local calculations alone… you need a persistent cloud platform to have something like that, and Xbox One will have it on day one.
    PS4 looks like a great machine, and I think it’s clear that Sony managed to get slightly better hardware into the box, but the hardware in the box is only one small piece of a much bigger puzzle, and Sony’s edge in hardware isn’t nearly as significant as Microsoft’s edge on everything else.

    • ytz

      So what of the new report about the cloud rebooting Xbox One system mid play on multiplayer games? The Xbox Live program manager said that they have yet to resolve the issue and it occurs on a frequent basis. And Azure is not only used for Xbox services. Off the top of my head I know for a fact they run SQL Server farms, ASP.NET applications/sites, and MS Office 365 services.

    • StonyK

      I’d have to disagree from experience. What has MS added to 360 in it’s life against Sony? The end of the last gen console Sony is by far the more attractive with the fact they actually have game releases and new IPs (Beyond, Last of Us as examples) along with PS+ service which probably alone has determined which console I will get next. I have a list of 70 games picked up over the last year or so and haven’t spent more than £25 for that year.

      My experience with the 360 is they just want to sell machines even if a high percentage of them won’t work, then once they’ve done that they’ll finish earlier with the console than Sony (Xbox 1 v PS2, Xbox 360 v PS3)