Ryse Xbox One early review trashes game

By Alan Ng - Nov 6, 2013

Are you excited about playing Ryse Son of Rome on the brand new Xbox One? The game is going to be one of the most promising launch titles to buy for the new system and now it looks like the previews are going live ahead of the November 22 Xbox One release date.

Unfortunately though, some of the preview content will not be what you were perhaps expecting to hear. There are a few negative stories beginning to unfold on the game made by Crytek, one of which we’ve picked up on here in more detail.

The guys over at GameInformer have previewed Ryse, but have compared the game to dialling phone numbers on a mobile device – if you can believe that. In a report that doesn’t hold back, Game Informer has probably provided the preview that all neutral gamers may be interested in, in the midst of other previews and reviews that may say the complete opposite about Ryse.

We all know that the graphics for the game look beautiful as we have been seeing in the various gameplay clips, but how does the actual gameplay present itself? That is what consumers want to find out before dropping their $60 on the game and the full reviews may provide the telling answer.

Based on a demo that they played though, Game Informer were not happy. Here is a passage of text which picks the game apart further:

“Ryse is undeniably pretty, but that’s about all it had going for it in this demo. I’m hoping that later levels introduce some more difficult enemies, as the dozens of encounters I had consisted of all the complexity of dialing phone numbers. Almost every fight started with me hitting the attack button a couple of times, then pushing the enemy in an effort to stop him from breaking my combo. It’s so basic and predictable.”

Do you think that the comments are a bit harsh towards Crytek and Ryse, or do you get the feeling that something like this was coming? Graphics do not make a complete game though as we all know, so we’ll have to wait until the rest of the reviews come out.

Will you still be buying the game when it comes out alongside the Xbox One? Give us your thoughts on the strong comments below.

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  • McNeelyJ

    I hate when sites use inaccurate headlines to get more views. This was PREVIEW, not a REVIEW. Totally different things, whoever wrote this article/headline should look into doing more research rather than spouting inaccurate and sensational statements into a story when the whole premise is inaccurate.

  • Rod Wymer

    I played a bit of Ryse on the Xbox One tour, and the combat I experienced (it was in a gladiator arena) was deeper than what is being described by GI. I’m not concerned about my pre-order.

  • Martin Rimming Riley

    In fairness it is only the demo they have played, I’ll wait for a full review as you cant judge a game off a demo properly. Not a good start though

  • redwhiteandblue22

    DR3 and Forza seem like they will be amazing, and have already pre-ordered.But something about the simplicity of Ryse’ combat has me second guessing it. I’m gonna spend that money on digital downloads instead (CD, PSGolf, and KI), and wait for a full review that explores the game’s later stages. In the end I’ll probably save my $60