Nextbook 8 NX008HD8G review from users

By Alan Ng - Nov 6, 2013

Earlier this week we spotted an amazing deal on a new Android tablet that could be bought for as little as $70. It was a 7-inch tablet from RCA and a device that is destined to become a big seller during the holiday sales.

Now though, we could have something even better for you. $70 is obviously an amazing price, but the specs for that tablet were nothing special. It only had a single-core processor for starters which is already a big negative for many consumers.

However, we’re pleased to say that retailers Walmart are bringing back their amazing offer on the Nextbook 8 tablet. This device offers 8-inches in size and for an asking price of just $99 you get much better specs than the RCA tablet we listed earlier this week.

That price is already a massive discount too. Head to the official Nextbook website and you’ll see the device listed with a price tag of $199.99. Walmart is selling this tablet for half the price and it comes with features such as a dual-core 1.5GHz ARM Cortex A9 chip, 1GB of RAM, 8GB internal memory, Mini HDMI port, dual cameras and much more.

Nice sleek design

Nice sleek design

There’s also MicroSD support for further storage if you need it, along with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS which is obviously customizable for those that want to get modding straight away.

It seems like a fantastic tablet for under $100, but obviously you will want to know how it performs. With this in mind, we have picked out some Nextbook 8 NX008HD8G reviews for you to really get a good heads-up before you think about buying.

There is a lot of positive feedback on the Nextbook 8, so let us know if you have also heard good words about it. Are you tempted to drop $100 on this?

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  • Happy user

    I have had this tablet for a few weeks and while it’s not a Samsung it works very well. Yes the cameras are crap but I can deposit my checks with it, all the apps I have loaded work well, battery life is about 6 hours average. The screen is very nice and sharp. I would buy another if the need arises. Sometimes cheap is good.

  • adisappointeduser

    The camera is garbage. I have seen through greasy glasses better than I can see through this camera lense.

    • adisappointeduser

      And the fact that it isn’t flash supported…well…I feel slighted.

  • www

    if this tablet in anything like its website …STAY CLEAR Of IT !!!