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iPad 6 with Sapphire display could KO Gorilla Glass

Now that the iPad Air is upon us and in healthy supply on Apple’s stores worldwide, attention has already shifted to what the company is planning as a follow up. The iPad 6 or iPad Air 2 will eventually release, but when it does it could be coming with brand new display technologies.

Some very interesting details have emerged this week, coming in the form of a new partnership that has just been reached between Apple, and the relatively unknown GT Advanced Technologies. The latter may not be a household name just yet, but they soon could be after consumers realize that this company deals in sapphire materials which Apple could now use for future iPads.

It has just been confirmed that Apple has reached an agreement with GT Advanced Technologies, a deal which could have repercussions in a negative way for current Apple display partner Corning – who we all know supplies manufacturers with their infamous Gorilla Glass materials.

This new deal with GT will ensure that Apple are supplied with sapphire components which already looks like a safe bet on being used for the new iPad as well as other upcoming devices. Considering that the Touch ID home button uses sapphire materials, it seems a logical step forward for Apple to continue exploring the use of sapphire across whole display screens.

Perhaps the biggest thing to come out of this deal, is the other confirmation that Apple will make use of a new building plant in Arizona, specifically to pump out these sapphire-based displays.

So there we have it. Is this the end of Gorilla Glass featuring on any future Apple product? Let us know your thoughts on this new move and whether you are supportive of Apple’s decision to vamp up sapphire production.



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