COD Ghosts glitches in Extinction offers god mode

Extinction mode has only just gone live on Call of Duty Ghosts, but we can tell you that players are already finding out some sneaky areas whilst playing with friends. We now have evidence showing one particular COD Ghosts Extinction glitch, this one claiming to offer you god mode and complete protection from the aliens.

Extinction is a lot of fun on Call of Duty Ghosts and some of you may be favoring it over multiplayer mode. Having said that, we’ve also heard from many of you that despite Infinity Ward’s efforts to offer something fresh – zombie mode from Treyarch’s games has still been preferred over the two.

If you are unconcerned about this though and are currently working your way through the game, you may be interested to know that there is a ‘god mode’ glitch doing the rounds online. To activate it, you simply have to reach a certain ledge in the game and seemingly fall off the screen – but actually stay there.

You can watch the video clip below to see how it is done correctly and how no aliens will be able to harm you whilst you are in this location. You will be completely invincible to all attacks and can simply sit there collecting ammo and pound away at the incoming aliens as they try to reach you, but fail.

How long will this glitch remain active before Infinity Ward decides to patch it? As far as we’re aware, this should work on all platforms. Let us know if you have tried it and if it worked for you or not – since we’ve heard some gamers say that they keep falling off.

Have you spotted any other COD Ghosts glitches in Extinction or multiplayer that we should know about below?



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