COD Ghosts Extinction tactics to destroy barriers quickly

By Alan Ng - Nov 6, 2013

For those that have already picked up a copy of Call of Duty Ghosts, are you loving every minute of it so far or are you a little disappointed? One of the big highlights of the game is the new Extinction mode and now we can offer up some COD Ghosts Extinction tips for those that want to destroy the alien barriers more quickly than the conventional helicopter method.

First things first, it looks like Extinction mode is going to be a lot of fun once players really get to grips with it. We all love zombies from Treyarch’s Call of Duty games, but it looks like Infinity Ward has finally found a similar game mode to offer players their horde fix throughout 2014 and until the inevitable Black Ops 3 game.

Most of you are probably still addicted to multiplayer mode on COD Ghosts, but for those who have already started to play through Extinction mode, we think you may find the following tips useful. Those pesky alien barriers do not go down easily and you are usually left waiting several minutes before you can finally proceed to the next area.

However, we can tell you that you can use a combination of gas canisters, as well as the turret to take down the barrier hives five times more quickly. You can see evidence of this tactic being used in the gameplay clips that we have for you below.

We know it is early days yet, but how far have you managed to get on Extinction – do you think it is better than Black Ops 2 zombies or not?

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  • David

    Zombies is awesome but to trash extinction is ridiculous. change is ok guys ! Lol

  • David

    Bad ass !!!!

  • JG

    You two have retarded opinions. Zombies is done.

  • concerned citized

    the aliens are pretty lame.. im really disappointed i thought it would be cooler… zombies crushes this poor attempt at horde mode..

  • Tyler

    Zombies is much better. Infinity ward realized what they were missing and are way late to the party.