Battlefield 4: How to make an entrance

If you are looking for the best Battlefield 4 kills online, we think we may have a contender for the best one seen since the game released. For those that want to make the best possible entrance on a particular server, just have a look at what this following player has managed to pull off.

We have already seen some spectacular moments in Battlefield 4, but we think this one is our favorite so far. If you talk about making your presence felt in a map, how about a death from above approach like the one we have to show you below?

Here we see the player effortlessly using an RPG rocket to manually blow a hole in the building that he is about to enter and give the recipients the biggest shock of their lives. We can only imagine what was going through the opposite mic comms when suddenly their fortress was blown wide open in the most epic of ways.

Yippe Ki Yay?

Even after this glorious entrance courtesy of G+ user Garrett Bishop, we see the player finish up business by making sure that any victims who are still alive are finished off completely. We challenge you now to come up with a better entrance in Battlefield 4, then make a GIF of it for the community to witness.

Dare we say it, but would you be able to pull off this kind of unscripted gameplay in Call of Duty Ghosts? On this occasion we think not. Let us know if you have seen anything better in Battlefield 4 at the moment, we look forward to hearing some of your replies.

Note: So it turns out that this title above should have read ‘How to make an entrance, if you were playing Battlefield 3!’ Apologies on that one, should have spotted it a mile away especially with my experience in the field. Still though, it’s a nice entrance regardless right?



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