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RCA 7-inch tablet with budget specs, amazing price

If you are looking for a cheap tablet to buy during the 2013 Holiday Season, we think we may have one that is perfect for you. For those that are not looking for the best in hardware specs, but something that won’t break the bank – RCA’s new range of budget tablets could be ideal.

Although the main Holiday deals will not be happening until towards the end of November, it looks like main online retailers are keen to start the party early. One of these is Walmart, as we have discovered that they are featuring an RCA 7-inch Android tablet as one of their highlights this week.

If you were wondering how cheap tablets can be bought for, how does $69 sound to you? That is a shockingly good price for an Android tablet you have to say, while the hardware specs you get with it are by no means terrible.

Features of the RCA RCT6077W22 with WiFi include a 1GHz ARM Cortex-A9 processor that is single-core only. There will be 1GB of RAM, WiFi support, MicroSD slot, 8GB of internal memory and a front-facing camera for video chat.

$70? It's a steal..
$70? It’s a steal..

Those features are more than enough for the basic tablet user and the device will ship with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on top as well. We’ve seen RCA highlight this device on their own website with a price of $90, meaning that Walmart’s deal really is something of a bargain.

A fully functional tablet for just $70 – be sure to consider this if a budget tablet is on your shopping list this year. Let us know if you have already purchased a tablet from RCA before.



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