RCA 7-inch tablet with budget specs, amazing price

By Alan Ng - Nov 5, 2013

If you are looking for a cheap tablet to buy during the 2013 Holiday Season, we think we may have one that is perfect for you. For those that are not looking for the best in hardware specs, but something that won’t break the bank – RCA’s new range of budget tablets could be ideal.

Although the main Holiday deals will not be happening until towards the end of November, it looks like main online retailers are keen to start the party early. One of these is Walmart, as we have discovered that they are featuring an RCA 7-inch Android tablet as one of their highlights this week.

If you were wondering how cheap tablets can be bought for, how does $69 sound to you? That is a shockingly good price for an Android tablet you have to say, while the hardware specs you get with it are by no means terrible.

Features of the RCA RCT6077W22 with WiFi include a 1GHz ARM Cortex-A9 processor that is single-core only. There will be 1GB of RAM, WiFi support, MicroSD slot, 8GB of internal memory and a front-facing camera for video chat.

$70? It's a steal..

$70? It’s a steal..

Those features are more than enough for the basic tablet user and the device will ship with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on top as well. We’ve seen RCA highlight this device on their own website with a price of $90, meaning that Walmart’s deal really is something of a bargain.

A fully functional tablet for just $70 – be sure to consider this if a budget tablet is on your shopping list this year. Let us know if you have already purchased a tablet from RCA before.

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  • mustangmadness

    I got a few pros and cons on this tablet the cons are that there are apps that I can’t get rid of that comes with the tablet and therfor uses a lot of space and the battery only last about 1 1/2 hours and its a bit slow but that’s only because its a single core can’t expect much from it the pros are that it is a budget frindly compaired to its competiers second it very durable I can’t even tell you how many times I have dropped and sat and ploped on this thing and to go check and screen is perfectly fine with little to no damage the screen is not cracked or anything third its reliable unlike most android products where they start to slow down and glitch and lag with in a few days I don’t have that problem the OS is well refined and very little bugs the only bugs I found is that the SD card will not register and every now and them the keyboard will not register like when I go type in my password or fill out a app online I will go in and type it in but nothing will show up as that did but I just close down the browser and restart and move on with my day other then that this is a awesome tablet I would recommend this to anyone that just want something that gets them by and does what they need to be done and that won’t break if they drop it by accident or more importantly won’t break the bank

  • Beadmaster

    IMO, with this tablet, you get what you pay for. We got the Walmart deal in November, as we’ve needed an Android tablet for testing purposes. There is so little you can do with this unit unless you happen to be interested in *only* things like Walmart and Google.

    The first thing we noticed was the internal storage was very, very limited. This tablet is shipped with a whole bunch of garbage apps and you are *not* allowed to remove them, as I found out when it was too late to return the tablet. There’s a lot of Google junk, plus Walmart’s own app (why, when I can go to their site if I really want something?!), and something called Vudu for TV and movies, which has *nothing* for free. Everything costs. Why would I purchase a low-priced tablet to then pay money for something?

    If you uninstall anything you don’t want that came with the tablet, it looks like it uninstalls, but then it’s back next time you boot up the tablet. I’ve probably removed the Walmart and Vudu apps more than a dozen times, but they’re still there upon bootup.

    Because I can’t remove the pre-installed apps, I keep getting errors about the internal storage being full.

    Since there was no room to install anything, we got an SD card. We had installed the Kindle reader and a few other things, but only the Kindle reader was a large app. We moved everything we’d installed over to the SD card (you can’t move Google, Walmart or Vudu to a card…they stay in internal storage, like it or not). Still getting errors. The Kindle app barely runs at all. If it starts running, it usually errors out, so the tablet is useless for anything Kindle.

    I downloaded a few PDF files to read. I wanted to email one of them…sorry, you have to install an app just to send files. You can attach images only.

    Finally, I connected the tablet to my computer with a USB cable. It installed drivers on my computer. I opened up the tablet icon that appeared…it had an icon for “NAND Flash,” plus an SD card. The SD card was empty and the NAND Flash was almost empty. When I opened up the NAND Flash icon, it had a bunch of folders…all empty. Well, except for one m4a file.

    So it’s really not a great value for the money. If you want to watch YouTube videos, pay money for Vudu, buy stuff from Walmart, use everything Google, this is the tablet for you. If you want to read Kindle books, download a file here and there, access the tablet with your computer, sorry. You can “root” it…but that invalidates your warranty, and if you have a problem, you can’t return it.

    In conclusion, this is pretty much a blatant ad for Google and Walmart. While *you* may be paying the money for the tablet, you’re only supposed to use it as *they* want you to, and if your likes don’t happen to coincide with theirs, tough.

  • tomwilson74

    I just ordered it from walmart online for $49.

  • ItsPam

    Got one of these and I’m very pleased with it!

  • jaidecaulfield

    A much better deal is the Novo 7 Legend 7″ tablet for $59 at the site Tab l e t S p r i n t — worth checking out