PS4 1080p vs Xbox One 720p affects gaming decision

By Peter Chubb - Nov 5, 2013

If you are planning to own an Xbox One and a PS4 at launch then you might want to sit back and take a while to contemplate when it comes to choosing what multi-platform title you will choose for each next-gen console. Some of you might have already made up your mind when it comes to titles like Call of Duty Ghosts, but the recent news that Infinity Ward decided to run the game at 720p on the Xbox One and 1080p on the PS4 has perplexed some gamers.

We’ve already taken a look at the reactions to this, with some gamers already canceling their pre-orders. A huge debate has now started on the Internet with pro Xbox One fans choosing to run the PS4 down, even if it is able to run a higher quality native for COD Ghosts.

What is needed is an injection of intelligence, thoughtfulness and perspective, and this is just what a new video from Blunty aims to do. He understands that when it comes to gaming, some gamers will stick up for their chosen console, even when they know they are backing the wrong team – not for all games, but certain ones.

In his video he wants explains that no matter what Microsoft say, they cannot upscale 720p to anything near native 1080p. No matter what Microsoft will tell you it makes a huge difference in how the game looks, and for those who do not agree we would just like to say we are only going on what Blunty is saying in the video below.

It is clear by some of the comments on YouTube that some gamers do not agree with Blunty and as such have been attacking him. However, there are others who believe his insight is on the money. Where do you stand?

You really need to watch the video in its entirety, and check out the end because it is really funny – you’ll know when you see it.

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  • derek grathoff

    1080p all day pool microsoft needs bill to make em like the pcs

  • Robert

    meh, it’s not all in the res past 720, and really 4k is being pushed by Sony and the PS4 isn’t capable of that res at all, where the Xbox One is. The xbox experience has always been better, regardless of what fanboys say. I own a PS3 and the 360, apart from a couple of exclusives I still prefer the 360. I have both on pre-order, but tbh the xbox controller has always felt right to play FPS on. The PS3 controller feels a little stiff, like it was designed by an engineer.
    The Ghost issue is not that of the console, it’s just sloppy coding. Compare Halo 4 split screen with MW3 split screen and tell me which one lags more. The MS studio was able to optimize the game to produce something that looks amazing without dropping back to 15fps while playing split screen. The PS4 with its GDDR5 is better equipped to deal with sloppy code.

    • Krepler

      Lol, what does 4k resolution have to do with anything here, besides you making false claims about it? Both XBO and PS4 support 4k for video playback, and that’s all!

      • Tim Miller

        The PS3 does not support 4k and that comes directly from Sonys mouth, your an idiot!

        • Josh101

          Reading fail. They are talking about the PS4……

        • grammar police

          grammar fail…. looks like you’re the idiot

        • Tim Miller

          Wow read much? Reading fail, your the idiot lmao

        • Krepler

          I believe he’s talking about “your” when you should have “you are” or “you’re”… Btw, you did it on both posts…

          Anyhow, it’s nice to see you updated your post to say PS4 and not 3, but you are still wrong. Either watch the PS4 reveal from February or google it, it’s not hard at all to do your own research and you’ll also find that there aren’t as many idiots out there than you previously thought!