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Pokemon X and Y Fairy Arceus not related to Volcanion leak

Have you had the chance to catch your breath back yet with the frantic rate of Pokemon X and Y news leaks recently? We have heard about amazing new Pokemon such as Volcanion, Diancie and Hoopa, but now we have some other whispers to tell you about – specifically the unveiling of Arceus in Pokemon X and Y that is Fairy type.

Arceus is considered to be one of the strongest Pokemon in the entire universe and has the ability to change form at will, depending on what plate it possesses. Throughout the previous games, we have seen Arceus acquire many different plates and the big discussion now is that Game Freak are planning to give Arceus Fairy type by inserting a Pixie Plate into Pokemon X and Y.

After some searching, it looks like some players have found the Pixie Plate location to be inside the Pokemon Village. It has been rumored that Smealum, the hacker associated with the Volcanion, Diancia and Hoopa leak is also responsible for uncovering the first details on Fairy Arceus.

However, a recent Tweet by Smealum suggests that it wasn’t him at all, despite fans thinking otherwise. There are images clearly showing Fairy Arceus in Pokemon X and Y, so where have they come from?

Just like Volcanion, Diancie, Hoopa, Mega Latias and perhaps Mew, the answers may be coming with future Pokemon X and Y events that are hosted by Game Freak. These are traditionally the method used to unlock new content in the game after release, which is music to our ears considering that all other developers on the planet seemingly opt for paid-DLC instead.

What is your reaction to images of Fairy Arceus floating around – have you managed to find any clues on the Pixie Plate mystery yet or not?



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