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New Xbox One 1080p games in 2014 to silence haters

Amid all of the confusion regarding the Xbox One console and the now confirmation that several of the system’s launch games will only output in 720p, we bring some refreshing news to you. We have confirmation that a game is on the way in 2014 that will finally give you a new 1080p fix and hopefully silence the doubters in the process.

That game is going to be none other than EA Sports UFC. After all of the rumors that the Xbox One will only be able to output most games at 720p, upscaled up to 1080p, we now have one that should feature the same resolution as Forza 5.

EA Sports UFC is scheduled for a release in May 2014 and will also be releasing with 1080p on the PS4 version as well. Unfortunately though, it already looks set that the 1080p visuals may be overshadowed by just 30FPS, rather than the next-gen ‘user requirement’ of 60FPS at all times.

Interestingly, we have heard from EA in a recent interview that in testing EA Sports UFC with 60FPS, it didn’t offer a ‘beneficial impact on gameplay‘. As a result of this, the team will be focusing on delivering a solid 30 FPS combined with the next-gen Motion Blur engine system.

After all of the news regarding 720p resolutions on the Xbox One for COD Ghosts, Battlefield 4 and Titanfall, this is a welcome relief we expect. Although some may not want to believe it, it looks likely that the PS4 may be the most powerful console out of the two, but it’s nice to see that games are still on the way which may look to shift the balance.

Are you relieved that we are getting more 1080p Xbox One games in 2014 after a rough week?



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