GTA V Online 1.05 update released without Heists

By Peter Chubb - Nov 5, 2013

Rockstar has done just what we expected them to do, and that was to forgo Heists in the GTA V Online 1.05 update and concentrate on the Stimulus Package instead. It is not like we should be surprised, but to some fans of the game it is a huge kick in the teeth.

The new update was released today for PS3 and Xbox 360 owners, but you will have to wait another couple of days for the Stimulus to be distributed. Once the distribution begins it will take a full day for all people to get it, and so Rockstar asks for your patience.

Now that you have got over the fact that the new Grand Theft Auto Online update lacks Heists, you can be happy in the fact that several of the vehicle issues have been resolved. This means that your vehicles or the modifications you made should no longer disappear.

Other fixes include a prevention of players’ cash balances being unprotected due to network issues and you should no longer lose your progress in GTA 5 Online.

It is clear this is just a minor update, and so we look ahead to the next patch, which should by that time bring Heists and anything else you might wish to add.

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  • orange orphan

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  • Matt

    The only thing i wanted in gta v online was heists, been over a month and a week and im already tired of it.

  • Alrico Coleman

    It’s ok to me I have a lot of friends that play and we enjoy playing it but the heist would be great but I like it overall and thanks for the package it really came in handy…look guys just meet the right people when you play you’ll have a lot of fun gaming with each other also we are recruiting for LHR GAMING COMMUNITY so if you interested in joining a positive gaming experience then LHR is were you want to be… just send me a message to my gamertag LHR kidwitaC thank you and happy gaming

  • adrian1982

    I’we actualy gotten,sick and tyerd og GTA, both offline and onnlinee. It’s gooten booring, and at This Point, i doubt that heists wil do any difference at all..

    • getalife78

      Yeah, you would do best to stop playing it all together. In fact, if I were you, I would sale my PS3 and all of my games. Then I would focus on getting myself a better education so I don’t look and sound like a complete moron when I type something online. Idiot.

  • The One

    You are a moron. 1.05 was never supposed to be about Heists, if you even read the news reports over the past few days. Chubb you should go work for Yahoo. They love blog report journalism.

  • nig

    why is everyone so picky? get a life…

  • realist

    Good luck selling a game everyone knows won’t be updated till “early next week” every Tuesday.

  • ex rockstar fanboy

    no hiest, so thy decided to secretly pull a bugthesda and never add hiest. time to sell gta 5

  • qdog

    woot 1st comment