GTA V iFruit Android app not working after update

By Alan Ng - Nov 5, 2013

After the long and frustrating wait for the GTA V iFruit Android app, you would think it would be a flawless release to make users happy after seeing iOS users enjoy the app for weeks. However, it doesn’t appear to be as straight-forward as that sadly.

Rockstar recently updated the Android version of the app and we can tell you that users are having big problems. Mainly and almost inexplicably, it appears that the app doesn’t work on certain Android devices, even ones that are not old by any means but are still giving users problems when they try to load it.

Based on complaints that we have heard about, iFruit for Android is not running well on the Galaxy S3. We’ve also heard that the Galaxy Note 2 doesn’t play well with the app, nor does it on the T-Mobile HTC One S.

Issues involve black screens on start up, random crashes when trying to navigate the interface and error messages which shoot back messages such as “failed to check app version” and general communication error messages when actually trying to sign-in to the app.

As you can imagine, a lot of Android users are very upset about this after the long delay compared to iOS users. We also see that many of the good plates are now also gone, with many users now feeling like they should give up and not use the app at all again.

You can get an exact idea of how users are feeling, by visiting the app review page at the Google Play score. At the time of writing, we see an overall rating of just 2.8 – surely that has got to get Rockstar’s attention?

How are you finding the iFruit App on Android? Are you still having any problems as described above or not? Please list your Android device below for reference.

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  • NerfWar2001

    On my samsung galaxy xcover gt-s5690, the screen just turn white and I have to remove the battery to get out of it. I tried to wait for it in half an hour, but nothing happened. Really upset about this. Waited for this and felt a joy when it finnaly realesed on google play, but it turned out really bad. Not a job well done 🙁

  • Tom

    my Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 is an unrecognised device


    I downloaded and installed it on my HTC One and it looks like it should work fine, until you try to sign in. Hitting the “sign in” button does the same thing as the “sign up” button, which makes no sense whatsoever. I already have an account and it’s already synced with GTA and I would just like to sign in to it, thanks.

  • George Duncan

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and a Samsung Galaxy Ace, the app works on neither.

  • Shaun Nicholson

    It isn’t compatible with my galaxy s2 but works with my nexus 7. It took me ages to find a licence plate that wasn’t already taken

  • Mason

    my android is apparently not compatible with the app…

  • Chris Myers

    I have a samsung galaxy note 2, loaded up after installation but wouldn’t allow me to sign in and now (about an hour after installation) all I get is a completely blank, black screen wen tryin to access!! Bit p1ssed off as I would have liked from the get-go, not on my 4th play-thru and then to add to the fact that its 6weeks late and it doesn’t even work!!! We done rockstar, well done!!

  • Craig

    Worked when downloaded earlier, now black screen only on startup… S4 Active phone. Rockstar fail.

  • James Andrew

    I heard from some programme friends in London, that Rockstar pay the top programmer in the UK to make there games, and did so mostly on GTA 5, while a limited amount of there staff are great programmer they are still back in the days of the very first GTA, which you can see shows on the GTA 5 Ifruit app, obviously the high end programmers they apparently pay, are now gone after they finished the game, and the staff at rockstar are running around like headless chickens trying to program a app, which they can’t do, I never belied my maes at first, surely rockstar created there own game and didn’t pay top programmers instead, but yet again they secretly paid of apple which no one has confirmed but I’m sure rockstar have there back’s covered with there contracts, and no rockstar I didn’t sign one of your contracts. Even amateur programmers could match this app.

  • John

    Absolutely pathetic!!