GTA V 1.05 patch minus Bad Sport fix

By Alan Ng - Nov 5, 2013

As we have just informed you, the highly anticipated GTA 1.05 update is now live on PS3 and Xbox 360. So far it is an unsurprising update with many of the changes having already been discussed by Rockstar. Having said that, the developer is bound to include one or two hidden changes in their update as always, but one of them isn’t any improvements to the Bad Sport system unfortunately.

If you have been playing the game regularly, you’ll know that the Bad Sport system is easily one of the most controversial. To tell a long story short, Rockstar has decided to punish players in online multiplayer, specifically those that destroy the customized vehicles of any other player.

As you can imagine, this has caused one or two issues with many of you. Given the free roam nature of multiplayer and the appetite for destruction, sometimes it is simply out of your control if some of the vehicles in your server are destroyed.

Using a jet for example can often get you into trouble with Rockstar, resulting in the developer placing a dunce hat on your player and a banishment into servers with other ‘offenders’.

Players had hoped that leniency would be coming in the GTA 1.05 update but it hasn’t happened. The Bad Sport system is unchanged as far as we can see and most of you will probably be experiencing the dunce hat at least once or twice during your online sessions.

We’ve included a video below just to give you an idea of how bad this system is affecting some players – viewer discretion is advised.

What have you noticed in the 1.05 update that Rockstar hasn’t mentioned in their patch notes?

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  • AssHat900

    Worst part is that the patch doesn’t make the game like CoD.

  • aspacelot

    Just got the game recently so bad sport was already in place. Got a dunce cap, couldn’t figure out why, couldn’t join my buddies, then I found out about bad sport.
    This is Grand Theft Auto Online and you’re NOT supposed to blow stuff up?? Am I missing something here?? I didn’t drop 80 bucks on the special edition of Hello Kitty Island Adventure… This is a game where my character can use drugs, check out topless strippers, steal a car, use said stolen car to get a hooker, park and get “serviced,” pay her, and then kill her and get my money back.
    I just popped online for the first time and went nuts like a kid who drank a bottle of Mt. Dew at Magic Mountain. I had no clue that I couldn’t play the game the way it was designed… now I can’t play with my friends?
    Sure, if I team kill on a TDM mission, punish me. If I drive the wrong way on a race, fine- dunce cap away. If I repeatedly kill the same person over and over, thereby griefing them, FINE!
    But I walked into a part of town in free roam where everyone was shooting everyone else and happened to blow someones car up rather than get killed myself and I’m at fault? Such a huge bummer. Why even offer free roam? Why not just make us pick the mission types and be done with it?

  • Two days is very extreme for a warning. it should be an hour not two days. that is very stupid. People straightened up on other titles with 15minutes of separation. but this is very bad. and the rules need to be better explained on the dunce hat rule. PLus why would they add that no one was really complaining as much. what you should work on is trying to fix that bugs and adding a feature where you cann crreate private sessions while your in multiplayer. instead of only being able to do this in story mode then switching over. Or fix the $500000 you promised to give us. which by interest you owe us alot more. or fix the fact I lost a car completely since your 1.05 update. pissed abut that.

  • John J. McCalister Jr.

    Im definitely in agreement when you speak of the bad sport system being flawed. The only issues I have with this rant are when he calls himself an adult while whining like my 6 year old daughter and the fact that he calls himself better than everyone else when he has already admitted to blowing up other peoples cars in a jet. How does that make him better than them? He doesnt mention winning deathmatches. He mentions killing people who are unable to return fire. I just dont see how that makes him better than everyone else

  • NgTurbo

    Hopefully he’ll be able to play with his friends in 1.06…