Coquette in GTA V with common locations

When playing GTA V, or any other game from the Grand Theft Auto franchise, you will know by now that when you see a car that you recognize, it is not the model that you think. It may share several design features, but there are fundamental differences.

The Coquette is a fine example of this as it is loosely based on Corvette C5, although it does share a few Acura NSX design flares, such as the headlamp cluster. We know that this is not that important, but the common locations of the Coquette within GTA V are.

We have found a video that offers you details of where the locations for the Coquette will be. However, because he is already has the car, the Coquette will spawn in various locations far easier than if he did not own the car already.

This seems to be the only video offering locations for the Coquette. However, we can tell you that the sports car will spawn near studios while you are involved in certain missions. The best places are Vinewood and Vinewood Hills, as well as the parking lot at Del Perro Beach.

Have you been able to find other Coquette (Corvette C5) spawn locations, and if so please upload them to YouTube? If you fancy becoming a secret agent, then how about learning how to steal a Bond car.



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