COD Ghosts PS4 Vs PS3, Xbox 360 shows painful differences

By Alan Ng - Nov 5, 2013

Call of Duty Ghosts has finally been unleashed to the world. The big question is though, did you opt for a current-gen version on PS3 and Xbox 360, or are you waiting for a more luxurious copy with a PS4 or Xbox One version?

If the answer to that question is the latter, you will want to check out this video that we have for you as it is simply unmissable. Now that the current-gen versions are out, graphics analysis between the various platforms are also going live at the same time.

Now, we are able to give you an exact look at how Infinity Ward has managed to get Call of Duty looking, in a COD Ghosts PS4 VS PS3 and Xbox 360 graphics showdown. Obviously a lot of gamers want to know the real deal between the differences on the current and next-gen platforms, with developers Infinity Ward showing no sign of being generous enough to give away this kind of information.

That means it is up to the community to spot the differences, and that is exactly what you’ll be able to do with the video below provided by IGN. Aside from offering a clear-cut look at the differences between the different versions of the game, there are also moments of pauses within the video allowing you to see a snapshot of graphical differences that may raise your eyebrows.

Big differences between current-gen and next-gen?

Big differences between current-gen and next-gen?

For reasons unknown, the Xbox One version is not included with the PS4 version as another comparison alternative. Is it because it is running at 720p compared to PS4 which is 1080p native – or is just because Microsoft has failed to make the Xbox One footage available for preview purposes?

Either way, we think you will all make your own conclusions on the differences based on the footage below. We have seen a lot of early complaints on how ‘bad’ the PS3 version looks – do you agree with these complaints or not? You decide.

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  • Maggie Kathleen Phillips

    i love call of duty. Hey get it!Duty haha

  • Mike Greenway

    It looks better, noticeably a little better but I don’t think that it would be a BIG factor in how much I enjoy the game.

  • utera

    Doesn’t matter, the game looks horrible on all platforms, so this discussion is pointless.

  • someguy

    Not trying to be funny here, but although the Ps4 version had noticeably better lighting and was running at a might higher resolution, it did seem like it had pretty poor framerate.

  • Paul Kelly

    its like 3D tv, you have the initial “wow” then your brain tunes out the niceness and concentrates on the content

  • Zane Silverwing

    you cant compare a 360 to a PS4 thats just cheating

  • SSz Seagun112

    if you really want graphics you should be on a computer instead

    • Hutch

      This Call of Duty is poorly optimized for PC. It’s possible that you may get better graphical fidelity on PS4

  • dave!

    well the xbox 360 version looks darker because the light is turned off

  • Kevin

    Got my ps4 version today…. Collecting dust for over 3 weeks

  • thekeelo_g

    It’s no mystery why the Xbox One version isn’t available. It doesn’t come out until next Tuesday. The PS3, PS4, and 360 versions came out today. Easy peasy

  • John

    Jeez it looks so much better than the crappy current-gen