COD: Ghosts early PS4 reviews land

The Sony PS4 hasn’t seen a worldwide release date yet, but this isn’t stopping a number of Call of Duty: Ghosts reviews landing for the PS4. Some of these early reviews have been done in a special setting, explained as a LAN setup in some cases, but there is still a lot to be learned from the three reviews we want to feature today.

7/10 on Euro Gamer – The popular gaming website got hands-on with the PS4 version of COD: Ghosts and their review can be read in full with a rating of 7/10. While the reviewer is not totally impressed with the game, explaining it as another “gasoline-fuelled romp”, they did point out that rappelling down a skyscraper and sniping through windows is really enjoyable in the campaign mode.

3.5/5 on Joystiq – Another average rating was offered by Joystiq and they point out in their title that COD: Ghosts is haunted by the past, even though the review was on next-gen PS4. The reviewer loved the new Call of Duty game, but seems bored with the same old ideas and states, “it is time to turn the page”. You can read in full why they rated COD: Ghosts on PS4 3.5/5 here.

8/10 on Official PlayStation Magazine – This mag will always favor Sony and PS4 above all else, obvious really, but they also offer the most positive COD: Ghosts review from the bunch. The 8/10 score is higher than the others and their full review details why this is, although the same message is displayed once again with “no future shock” but the same shooting fun will be had by fans of the Call of Duty franchise. The reviewer also points out that it’s easy to forget your playing COD: Ghosts on PS4, so this shooter doesn’t make it obvious you’re gaming on a so-called next-gen console.

Do you have high expectations for COD: Ghosts on PS4 and Xbox One? We will offer more reviews in the coming days and especially after the PS4 releases globally later this month. Feel free to read about the COD: Ghosts Xbox One and PS4 patch, also see a Battlefield 4 review roundup to compare ratings with the latest from COD.



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