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BBM visualized on Android tablet

Several days ago a new BBM update for Android was made available, which not only fixed some bug issues, but also added increased device support. However, what Android users are annoyed with is the fact that tablet support still seems to be missing.

Some of you might wonder what we are talking about because it was already known that BBM would not offer tablet support. However, this would be a wrong assumption as there is already BBM for the iPad. It is for this very reason why Android tablet owners are angry, and now wonder how long they will have to wait.

Having said that, there are ways in which you can get BBM to work on an Android tablet, and we have a couple of videos to prove just that. Okay, so the quality is not good, and one of the videos is in a different language, but it does prove it is possible.

BBM seen on Android tablets
BBM seen on Android tablets

The first video is rather good quality and shows the BBM app working just fine on an Android tablet. We are not sure how this was done because we do not speak Spanish, or whatever Language the guy is speaking, hopefully one of our readers does.

In the second video we actually get to see a tutorial on how to install BBM on your Android tablet, but we are not certain on its success rate. How long will it be before BlackBerry offers BBM for Android tablets?



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