BBM for Wi-Fi iPod touch and iPad petitioned

By Peter Chubb - Nov 5, 2013

When BlackBerry finally released its BBM app on iOS devices we were shocked to see iPad availability. We found this very strange because support for devices over 7 inches was not expected, and even more curious was no BBM for the iPod touch.

As time has gone on we are now able to get a clearer picture at just what has happened, and that is the fact that BBM will not work on Wi-Fi only iOS devices, and so that means the touch and Wi-Fi only iPad has to miss out.

BlackBerry offered reasons why it took this decision, but it’s not a believable one and so has seen those affected by this lack of support to start a petition.

BBM wanted for Wi-Fi only iPad

BBM wanted for Wi-Fi only iPad

It is not just iPad and iPod touch owners signing up; BBM for Wi-Fi only Android devices and those running Gingerbread 2.3x is also being petitioned. We can understand the frustration, especially touch users, who are normally kids and are more likely to use BlackBerry Messenger more than most.

What worries us is how popular BBM is for these Wi-Fi only devices though, as 1 million signatures are needed and only 61 people have signed.

Do you think the cross-platform BBM app has been over-hyped to the extent that most of you don’t really care about it anymore?

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