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Battlefield 4 Commander app connection issues

While looking for new updates on when the Battlefield 4 Commander app release date will be, we came across something rather interesting from EA. Even though the app is yet to be released on Android or iOS devices, we find it very strange that the game developer/publisher is already answering questions as to why you might be having connection issues.

EA is saying that if you suffer from Battlefield 4 Commander app connection issues, then the reason why have been explained for you, where they have troubleshooting steps for Android and iOS users.

The release of this app is not expected until November 19, 2013, but at least the EA help page does give us early insight as to what we could expect to go wrong, and if so then plan for ways to resolve your Battlefield 4 Commander app problems.

However, you are warned that the steps needed to resolve possible issues could affect your game data, the performance of the app or even cause problems for your smartphone or tablet. Having said that, the chances of this happening will be minimal, but at least EA is making people aware of the risks.

The Battlefield 4 Commander app troubleshooting guide for Android device owners is far more extensive than those with an iOS device, showing that the latter looks to be a more stable version.

Do you think it is strange for EA to offer this advice even before the app is released?



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