Tesla Model X price range similar to S

The popularity of the Tesla Model S has meant that it has drawn some less than desirable attention from a couple of fires. We find it funny that there are far more car fires for standard gasoline powered vehicles when you break down the percentage figures, yet there are still people out there trying their best to cause the Model S to fail.

This won’t blind us, and it is for this reason why we are excited with the impending release of the Model X crossover. There is still a lot we do not know about this new vehicle, with price being one of them.

However, we can now tell you that its price range will be similar, if not a little more expensive than the Model S. The reason for this is because the crossover will be slightly bigger, and as such will require a different battery configuration in order to counter the extra weight.

The Tesla Model S crossover to cost slightly more than the Model S
The Tesla Model S crossover to cost slightly more than the Model S

Another reason why the cost of the Tesla Model X will be more than that of the Model S is because the crossover will come in AWD only, meaning it will be dual-motors powering the wheels.

There has been a recent Q&A session with Tesla, were we get to learn a few more interesting details of the Model X, although we don’t expect to find out some of the more juicy details until March 2014.



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