Sceptre x322bv-hd HDTV review and manual preparation

By Alan Ng - Nov 4, 2013

If you are looking out for a budget television to buy this year during the 2013 Holiday season, you may want to consider the Sceptre x322bv-hd HDTV. Reviews are now going live for this television and while the brand may not be a household name yet, you may not care if you just want to pick up a cheap TV as a secondary option in the home.

You only need to look at last year’s shopping trends to see that consumers were all over lesser television brands such as Emerson, solely due to crazy prices rather than brand awareness. This year it is going to be a similar story and you may just see this television from Sceptre pop up online with a special price making consumers go crazy with thirst in the process.

You’ll be fortunate that there are now Sceptre x322bv-hd HDTV reviews for you to check out online for those that are interested in buying and want to do some initial preparation. One example to give you of a review comes from the guys over at PC Mag.

They have awarded the Sceptre x322bv-hd TV a 3.5/5 score with a overall rating of ‘Fair’. While the price advantage may be a big plus, criticisms have come in the way of a lack of 1080p support and also worrying black levels.

Three HDMI ports is a decent number.

Three HDMI ports is a decent number.

At the end of the day though, you could probably live without 1080p for a television that could cost under $200. Especially if it is going in a bedroom as a second TV, with your primary TV in the living room giving you your 1080p fix.

Check out the full review over at PC Mag and let us know if you are going to consider the Sceptre x322bv-hd HDTV this year. If you are looking for some official information, you will find the Sceptre x322bv-hd manual over at this link – simply save the page for future storage.

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