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Review of Sharp LC-32LB150U HDTV features and accessories

When you look at commercials for new TVs they never show you ones from the budget range, but rather those that will require you to spend a huge amount of cash on the latest and greatest technology that can be crammed into these devices. However, as we now have less disposable income and with the Holiday Shopping Season looming, it is more important than ever to find a product, such as a TV that fits into your budget.

The Sharp LC-32LB150U 32-inch HDTV could be just that product because it not only offers better than average features, but also comes with specs that defy its price. Some of its specifications are a Full HD 1080p resolution, LED backlighting, contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1, although this is dynamic.

While we know the features of the Sharp LC-32LB150U LED TV are nothing like you get from some of the newer models from the brand, the DTS sound technology offers an audio quality that you would not normally associate with a television of this price. The use of this technology means you get to enjoy clear, power, and crisp sounds, along with an engulfing deep bass.

The Sharp LC-32LB150U HDTV includes DTS sound technology
The Sharp LC-32LB150U HDTV includes DTS sound technology

Looking on the Sharp website you will notice that there are no reviews as yet but we should not look at this as a negative because there are plenty of devices on the market that have yet to be reviewed.

The accessories that come with the LC-32LB150U are the quick set up guide, remote control, batteries and a manual. There are after-market accessories for this TV, but then again if you are going to get this TV, then your aim is to spend as little as possible.

This Sharp TV could be yours for just $269.99, which isn’t bad considering those specs, and while you will not get the best image or sound quality, as well as 3D support, we know with almost certainty that this TV will appeal to a wide market. To find out more you can read on here.



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