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Metal Gear Solid V price and PS4, Xbox One availability

There has been a lot of speciation as to how much Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeros will cost, and also its release date, and so we are pleased to say that Konami has now confirmed the price and details on availability for each platform.

However, before we get too ahead of ourselves, it is worth noting that this is the prequel and not MGS 5: The Phantom Pain, which as we know will follow at a later date. We thought we needed to make this clear before you start asking how come the price of the game is so cheap.

The Metal Gear Solid V price varies for each console, but we can tell it will be £29.99 for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions. You can also get these as digital downloads for £29.99 on the PS4 and Xbox One and £19.99 on the previous two consoles.

We need to let you know that release Metal Gear Solid V for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are digital downloads only.

This might not go down too well with some gamers, as they have already expressed their anger at some games not being made available as a physical copy. Speculation as to a Tablet and PC versions has been growing, which we recently discussed with you.



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