GTA V car locations for final heist

Thousands of our readers have still yet to complete the GTA V final heist and want to know about the car locations, so after a few requests we have embedded a couple of videos below this article that reveal where each car location is and how to get the Gauntlet cars much faster.

The three GTA V car locations for final heist can be seen in the first embedded video that runs for just under 5 minutes, although we also included a second video that offers a so-called “fast way” to attain these cars before doing the mission.

We also received a few comments from gamers getting stuck after fully upgrading all three cars and dropping them off to each location, so if you run into any problems starting the mission then leave a comment below. We’re sure a few of Product Reviews readers will give you a hand with your particular issue.

Grand Theft Auto V cars – If you like car customization then take a look at the GTA V Exemplar and Sticker bomb car, or 007 fans might want to see the Bond car location via this article. The Surano Benefactor and Sultan RS locations are well worth a look as well.

Have you run into any problems with the final heist in GTA V? We would also love to hear about any glitches you’ve seen while playing online or offline as well?



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