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Destiny PC release update from Bungie

With the console release of Destiny looming what about the possibility of the game being released on PC, which as we know is desired by gamers? There has been no mention of this until a few days ago, as Bungie has now offered an update to the possibility, and it’s not looking good.

Even though the developer is hard at work getting Destiny ready for its console release in Q1 2014 for the beta version and final release in Q2, they thought they would offer an update on the prospect of a PC version. They have said in a nutshell that PC owners will have a long wait, which could mean a number of things.

Bungie has said its main focus is getting the console versions ready because offering it to four consoles will be a tough task to get right, and so added a PC version at this time could cause problems.

They understand that PC gamers desire to get their hands on Destiny, but Bungie said to IGN that they do not want to spread themselves too thin.

There is a ray of light though because the developer did say if Destiny proves successful, then there could be a PC release at a later date.



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