Car customization with the GTA V Exemplar

By Peter Chubb - Nov 4, 2013

With so many cars in the world of GTA V it is often hard to know which vehicle you should spend you hard earned cash on. Some of you do not care about this and would rather just keep borrowing cars, but the best way to succeed in the game is to own your own and then customize it to your liking.

One such vehicle is the Dewbauchee Exemplar, which some of you might know is based on the Aston Martin Rapid GT. The car has a mix of British and Italian design flares, but it is the sound of its engine and handling that makes this a firm favorite in GTA V.

We have come across a video that will show you some car customization for your Exemplar, which begins with the vehicle being driven into the garage. The options that the player goes through are quick, but we can see the first thing to get upgraded is the armor, meaning he knows he will be using the car to evade police.

Whenever we have customized cars in video games we take time to upgrade the right parts of the car, but the player in the video footage seems in a relentless mission to see just how fast he can upgrade the Exemplar.

It is hard to keep up with the improvements made, although we do find it funny that more time was spent on getting the wheels right – as if that will help the car perform better in the game. It is not until halfway through the video that we get to see how well the Exemplar performs following these modifications.

A few Product Reviews readers have asked for the Exemplar locations in GTA V, but we can tell you that you will hardly see these driven around so you should stop being cheap and spend the money and purchase one. If this car is not for you, then consider the Bullet GT Vapid instead.

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  • Fred

    I’m not BUYING a vehicle! It’s Grand Theft Auto, not Let’s Make a Deal.

    Well, I might buy myself a nice vehicle because I already own the best apartment and I got tons of money to burn, but nothing to burn it on other than cars and mods. I hope R* gives us more stuff to buy. I was disappointed to discover that I could not buy additional garages around the map. That’s just stupid!