Battlefield 4 crash patch promised on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3

By Alan Ng - Nov 4, 2013

Battlefield 4 is a great game, but it is a game that is not free of problems at the moment. As we saw with the launch of BF3, gamers have been complaining of similar crash and freeze issues when playing Battlefield 4 on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC platforms.

As expected though, DICE are working around the clock to fix up issues asap and we’re now pleased to give you an update on current progress. Last week, we told you that many gamers were branding the game ‘unplayable’, due the game crashing at frequent points, causing them to lose their stats and unlocks for that respective round.

You’ll be relieved to know that progress is ongoing. DICE has detailed a lengthy update on Battlelog, listing and acknowledging some of the trouble-maker bugs that have been giving some players problems since launch.

One of these is the infamous mid-round crash, which unfortunately can strike at any time and results in stats loss and any vehicle unlocks that you may have acquired in that round. DICE has said that a fix for this will be coming soon and will happen via a server update which may happen automatically on DICE’s side so you won’t have to install a big update to see the changes reflected.

In relation to out and out crashes which freeze up your system on all platforms, here is what DICE had to say on that:

“Note that crashes come in different types, and therefore this is technically not one single issue. There are two kinds of crashes and two types of updates that can address them: server-side updates that we can release on the fly (four of these have already been released since launch), and game client updates that require more in-depth testing and certification before they can go live.”

Pay attention to the last part, as that tells us that any new patch on PS3 and Xbox 360 may take longer to come out on console compared to PC – as certification and approval is first required by Sony and Microsoft before they’ll appear ready to install on your system.

At the moment, it looks like PC is being prioritized as that is where the bulk of the issues are happening. If you have a copy of the game on any platform, let us know your day to day experience and if you can play problem-free throughout your session.

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  • Jorge A

    It is unreadable for the Xbox 360 original.
    Stops the moment I place it in the disk drive. Ejects almost instanly the moment I close the tray. Disappointed.

  • Albert

    I known how to fix it. The freezing is a bug it’s the support class in battlefield
    4 when you unlock the indirect fire and use it I’ll freeze when u spawn in,is a perk that you unlock at level 7, I tested it out and I was right choose another perk like offense or defense. This only works for multiplayer.

  • Scotty

    Xbox 360
    First few days were problem free, Now it freezes up every few hours on Multiplayer :/

  • Ryan

    First day was perfect on ps3. full games of conquest uninterrupted…
    Second day I think I had a crash or two.
    Every day since I cannot play multiplayer at all, I get to a game, and right when I deploy it freezes… I can play campaign, but now that is boring and I beat it…
    I need some more multiplayer in my life…

    • Dan

      Certain deployment combinations cause this to happen, are you trying to use Support class with “Indirect Fire” or “Perimeter Defense” field upgrades. This caused it to freeze the system every time on deployment.

  • Alex Mayo

    Day One: Only 1 crash
    Day Two: 3 Crashes
    Day Three: Unplayable, as soon as I spawn it freezes my entire system…

  • blessyz

    Ahh I feel some smugness for not buying BF4 early. Wasn’t so luckly with BF3

  • Clifton

    Xbox 360 Freezes online play once every few hours. Went to campaign and it froze when i fell into the water on the bridge towards the airfield.

  • Charles

    Xbox 360 – Managed to finish 2 online matches. Every other time it crashes, and most of the time before it has even loaded. I can’t even get my money back as it is obviously opened and I can’t play it. So I threw £44 down the drain… The ‘free slots’ on server browser doesn’t work, I hit 1-5,1-10,1-15 free slots all it shows is full games.. rather annoying too as I don’t like joining quick match. Its installed to the hard drive, prompted by the game, so one would assume that would help but clearly not. I should learn to not buy modern games/consoles right away. They always have huge problems and I don’t know weather its down to lack of testing to save money or what but in ‘MY OPINION’ games/consoles have just been getting worse and worse since xbox 360 launch and its all probably down to greedy companies trying to make as much as they can in as little time as they can hence huge stupid problems that they would’ve known about had they put a disc in… Still I will probably continue to play as like I said it can’t be returned and I don’t want to trade it in for probably £1, shame though as it feels like being robbed…

  • Brian

    I did the campaign up to the prison and it froze. It was 1 am and I had done it all in one sitting. Therefore I lost all my progress, my unlocks, medals, etc. This sucks because all i wanted was the p90. Shouldn’t there be an autosave after every level or checkpoint? I mean that function was in BF3…

    • Brian

      That is on ps3

  • cody

    I have xbox 360 and can not play two of the multi player maps hangs machine and forces to hit power button after 5 restarts the game came out of the console. is cod here yet?

  • maxim

    Netcode is horrible on this game! I get shot through walls on PC!

  • Foxual

    PS3 gamer. Getting a couple of freezes every session. Game slows right down/judders on occasion too. Great game but freezes are a real issue.