Admirable Toshiba Satellite C55-A5300, C55-A5302 reviews

By Peter Chubb - Nov 4, 2013

When the Toshiba Satellite C55-A5300 and C55-A5302 laptops were first released they proved very popular, and as such consumers found that they were going in and out of stock. However, we can now tell you that these 64-bit Windows 8 laptops are now easier to get hold off.

We can see why so many people tried to get hold of these, as the reviews for the C55-A5300, and C55-A5302 were rather admirable, although it was the first model that received the best review scores.

The reason why that is, is more than likely because the price of the Toshiba Satellite C55-A5300 seemed too reasonable for its price. The C55-A5302 also had a competitive price, but many people were not prepared to pay the extra just for a minor speed bump, although the two are not that different in price.

The Toshiba Satellite C55-A5302 comes with 6GB memory and a 500GB hard drive

The Toshiba Satellite C55-A5302 comes with 6GB memory and a 500GB hard drive

However, we can tell you that the Toshiba Satellite C55-A5300 laptop has received a discount to just $229.99, and the C55-A5302 down to $329.99. A full list of their specs and features can be found on Best Buy, as well as their ratings and reviews.

When you consider how much it costs for a Surface Pro or Pro 2, then these two laptops really would make a worthwhile gift for someone, or even if you wanted to treat yourself.

Toshiba Satellite C55-A5300 details.
Toshiba Satellite C55-A5302 details.

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  • beccaham

    I have an old toshiba satellite running a core 2 duo Centrino duo processor that I bought in 2006 or 2007. Is the C55-A5302 any better than what I currently have?
    What’s the difference between the two processors?

    • Joe

      Your’s will be at least same speed if you have 1GB of RAM.
      This is not a speed computer, it’s an affordable one that probably will work fine.

      • beccaham

        My current computer has 2 GB of ram but when i open flash applications for school it always ends up freezing and then closing out.

        Will the pentium with 6GB of ram run faster than a Core 2 Duo centrino with 2 GB of ram? Can a pentium handle all flash applications?

        • idisagree2

          I would think your flash application/computer needs updates and it is not hardware related. Honestly ANY modern processor should be able to handle flash applications, they really aren’t that demanding. The web in general is not demanding for new computers. RAM is not necessarily speed but rather how much multitasking ability the computer has.

        • urbuddymac

          “RAM is not necessarily speed but rather how much multitasking ability the computer has.” ???
          It is true that multitasking is improved. It is also true that additional Ram increases the Windows OS cache size… Larger cache = fewer Hard Drive accesses + much greater speed.
          The addition of Ram does increase speed especially with multiple core CPU’s and APU’s that Share RAM read/writes and have “look ahead” capabilities.
          Think about it… is a Solid State Drive faster than a conventional HD? If not a lot of people are wasting millions on them to improve their performance. SSD’s are essentially a huge chunk of RAM but they have the disadvantage of being bottlenecked through the peripheral BUS on your motherboard. Ram is essentially instantaneous when compared to devices that are sharing your BUS because RAM has its own wider dedicated BUS.
          Every machine I use has 8 or16 Gig of RAM and even the first machine I upgraded to16 surprised me because of the huge increase in performance over 8 Gig. These machines are all Quad-core CPU/APU’s and are more capable of efficiently using RAM than dual-core machines.
          A jump from 2 to six Gig will have your old core 2 Duo smoking compared to your current level of performance. I did this exact upgrade to a Core 2 Duo laptop my wife once used and she was blown away by the difference in speed.