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PS4 features list in last minute video

If you still needed reasons as to why to pick up a PS4 console ahead of the Xbox One this holiday season, Sony has attempted to give you one last push. The company has released a rather nice visual teaser starring their latest console, offering up a list of features complete with some close up shots of the system that is simply hard to dislike.

The PS4 is launching on November 15 in the US and November 29 in UK and other parts of Europe. Those in some Asia countries will have to wait until December to get their hands on the console, while unfortunately consumers in Sony’s homeland of Japan will have to wait even further – early 2014 to play the new system.

Sony are naturally as excited as you are to get the console on retail shelves and have released a new video to really get you pumped up for the big occasion. Following on from the recent ‘Perfect Day’ trailer released last month which previewed upcoming launch titles in a unique way, this new video is all about the hardware.

Sony has given an intimate close-up of the system that most of you will be getting on November 15, offering a reminder of some of the hardware features for those that need a last minute re-check. We are reminded of features such as 8GB of GDDR5 RAM, a custom x86 64-bit AMD processor and a 1.84 TFLOPS GPU with a ‘next-generation’ AMD Radeon graphics card.

Most consumers will obviously be aware of the finer hardware details on PS4, but this is a great way to give consumers a quick heads-up before the system launches. Hopefully most of you already have one on order, as we have a feeling that stock may be very hard to come by in the build-up to Christmas.

Take a look at the last minute PS4 clip below and let us know if you think if Sony are truly in with a shot of winning the next-gen battle against Microsoft.



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