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Pokemon X and Y mega evolution confusion with Latiosite, Latiasite

The Pokemon X and Y hidden secrets do not seem to be slowing down any time soon. After informing you about three new Pokemon called Volcanion, Diancie and Hoopa that could be coming soon, it looks like Game Freak has plans to introduce another two brand new mega Pokemon to X and Y as well.

We’re glad that the scope of the game appears to be much bigger than originally thought. Many players have already completed the game, but it now seems certain that many secrets are in the game that are currently unsolved and specifically require further input from Game Freak at a later stage.

Some of the new content is almost certain to come at Pokemon X and Y events as we have seen down the years with previous games. It could be the way to unlock Volcanion, Diancie and Hoopa, while a special event could also be used to unlock Mew as we told you about in new rumors a few days ago.

If you are looking for new Pokemon X and Y mega evolutions, you have come to the right place. The image you see above appear to show off new mega evolutions for Latios and Latias. The source has come once again from the same ‘hacker’ that originally brought us images of Mew in Pokemon X and Y, as well as the first images unveiling Volcanion, Diancie and Hoopa.

Along with the images of the new mega evolutions above, a further Tweet which we have included also confirms that he has managed to locate the Latiosite and Latiasite stones – the items needed for the mega evolutions.

The big question is whether these stones are already in the game for players to find now, or if he has tampered with the game files to gain access to them early, with Game Freak intending to offer the stones to normal players at a later date.

What are your thoughts on this – have any of you managed to find a Latiosite or Latiasite in the game during your Pokemon X and Y adventure? Let us know your findings below.



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