GTA V Bond car location with gameplay

Several GTA V players have been asking where the Bond car location is because they have heard rumors that it exists in the game, but have been unable to find it. We can tell you that there really is a 007 car and the gameplay below proves just that.

The first video explains just how you will be able to steal the car driven by James Bond, as you are guided by Molly to go to a film studio and go over the wall where you will find the car on the lot. However, to be able to go near the car you will need to go to wardrobe and dress up as an actor or stunt driver.

After Molly explains this, we then get to see video footage of just how you can steal the car. We love how the player decided to take the clothes from someone by knocking them out and then passing himself off as a stuntman. However, it doesn’t take the crew long to work out that you are stealing the car, and running a member of the crew over had to be a big clue.

There is another video, this time of a Grand Theft Auto 5 Bond Spy car live stream from the Online version of the game. However, we have to warn that the first 3 minutes of the video is of the guy hosting the game showing us his dog.

The start on the GTA V Online live stream is from a custom garage, where you get to see several vehicles, along with the Aston Martin with its machine guns. Although we are told the guns do not work because they are just props from the movie studio.

Watch both these videos to see just how awesome it is to have the bond car, and to also find its location.



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