GTA V 1.05 update needs Heists, not Stimulus Package

By Alan Ng - Nov 3, 2013

Are you patiently waiting for Rockstar to announce the GTA V Heists DLC release date already? It seems like we have been waiting an eternity for this content to arrive since the launch of the game, but unfortunately it looks like Rockstar are happy to keep fans waiting in preference to a continued push on the GTA cash cards.

At the end of last month we asked you what fixes needed to come with the GTA V 1.05 update and now you have answered in the masses. It’s clear that the majority of gamers want GTA V Heists to arrive with 1.05 update, but sadly we doubt it will happen due to the Stimulus Package.

Rockstar has sent out word on their website that the 1.05 update is almost ready and will release early next week on PS3 and Xbox 360. As you know, the first payment will be offered to gamers with a cool $250,000 deposited into each and every account that played the game in October.

The GTA V 1.05 patch will go live early at the start of the week and should specifically improve the odds of your character not being deleted the next time you boot up online mode. Then, towards the end of next week Rockstar has said that the Stimulus Package release date should finally be upon.

Is it what you want though? We have a feeling that if you ask the majority of GTA V players, most will turn round and say that they are willing to skip the free $500,000 in favor of having brand new Heists missions to play.

Most players believe it will be a method of earning legitimate cash after the mission income was cut by half. Having said that, some also speculate that the easy-earning potential of Heists is what is keeping it from being released, since Rockstar wants to advertise their cash card system further.

Do you agree that you would rather see Heists next week, than the Stimulus Package? Give us your thoughts on this below.

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  • Bayouboy

    I have a 360 and I was wondering if anyone know if my online stats and ranking will be the same for the xbox one or would I have to start all over from zero?

  • Mr.Masmallow

    hey guys well i have a ps3 and i WANT to know when are the cash cards for psn store going to be released whoever gives me the closest date will get the chance to get 1.25 million dollar cash card and a free z-type I need answers as soon as possible tanks!

  • Bmuck

    Rockstar is a bunch of money grabbing fucks now. So disappointed in them.

  • Bill Hornbeck

    The “Candy Crush” aspect of GTA5 is driving me mad! Why can’t I save a “hot” car if I find one?

  • Sun Tzu

    I could easily wait a little longer in exchange for the money. That’ll help pay for mah Entity! 😛

  • Synfulz

    In all honesty yes, We would love to have heist already all the content we had have been played over and over and on top of that when you play them over the payouts are now cut in half…. so this has become a bit retarded >_>

  • God

    I’m now playing Battlefield 4 as I have got the rank 100 achievement I wanted, Got to rank 128, Got a 10 car garage with all vehicles i want fully upgraded. There is nothing else to play for. Does become very boring with nothing new. And i cant see how future dlc will make it better than what it already was.

  • John J. McCalister Jr.

    CoD fans are making it sound like they are the only ones keeping this game going. I am so sick of hearing about how GTA Online is going to lose all of its players because Ghosts is out. If you have played one CoD game, you have played them all. I lost a level 64 character and about 10 million in cash and assets but I still give Rockstar the benefit of the doubt. Cloud gaming is still in its infancy and of course anything that new is going to have problems. Also, yes, they are trying to get people to buy shark cards. Who do you think is gonna pay to keep the servers running? If you dont like shark cards, dont buy them but be grateful for those who do because they will be playing a huge role in keeping the servers going

  • DiE WyNtReIn S9

    i want bank heists!!!

  • Imventing

    Well its too late now, im trading this game in tonight for cod ghosts. made it to level 113 though.

  • Stefan

    We all knew a year ago that GTAV would be a game driven by a system of economics. You all who are complaining, need to relax and take a page from Economics 101: A [balanced economic] system cannot function properly in an environment of unchecked variables. Rockstar is simply balancing the economic system and adjusting the games parameters based on metrics they’re pulling from gameplay statistics. It’s almost as if you people think GTA V was just there, and Rockstar came along to change things…they designed everything you’re experiencing right now. As Leslie Benzies stated: “GTA Online is only the start” of what could be an entire GTA world. It shouldn’t be too hard to trust their decisions as this game develops.

    Those of you whom are getting bored after only 3 weeks of game play, you may want to see a physician: This game is so vast, I don’t understand what you’re expecting that isn’t here, or that can’t be patiently waited on whilst enjoying what’s already available.

    • merri

      The complaints stem from many who were under the impression that GTAV was going to have a more robust amount of heist-type missions. There were comments, from Rockstar, some time ago, that that described the game being based, in large part, on the Heat movie-like heist mission in GTA4.

      • Stefan

        I know where they’re stemming from, and I agree with you that a more straight forward communication [from Rockstar] could have been made for those who can’t seem to read between the lines.

        Surely, they [Rockstar] will include larger scale heists in their own time: There’s a certain level of strategy that’s built into the games upper-echelon of heists and missions and they’d be impossible to achieve given GTA Online’s ‘simulated experience.’ That simulated experience is one of being new to a city and working your way up through the ranks, with rewards, contacts, missions, and heists growing as you progress. If you pay close attention to some of the GTA Online’s characters requests, you’ll notice that many of the mission from Level 40+ begin to hint at building towards a larger heist. An example of this would be ‘The Parking Garage’ where Lester asks you to acquire blueprints for a certain financial corporations building, when it changes hands in a high-security parking garage. Now, that blueprint will probably come back as a key item later on, but you couldn’t have ever acquired it without playing the remedial mission to steal it. I’m 100% positive that Rockstar has a system in place to develop the game over time, Leslie Benzies said so himself.

        Not to mention the fact that there are multiple banks across the city with fully rendered interiors, teller stands, offices, and vaults complete with key pads. Those weren’t built so that on the off chance you stumbled into one, we’d have something pretty to look at.

        I just don’t understand the mentality of complain complain complain, then give no thanks once everything comes to fruition. The game’s received a solid update every week since release and is receiving it’s first DLC today: “Beach Bum Pack.” Needless to say, this progressing quite quickly from my [understanding] perspective.

        • Niall O’Reilly

          Sorry but as much as you think you know the DLC isn’t out yet. If you’re going to be condescending try sort your facts out first eh…?

    • God

      shut up you geeky little prick.

      • Stefan

        It’s unfortunate that your mentality represents such a large portion of this game’s user demographic.

    • Chunterosa

      uhhhh… you do realize that three weeks of gameplay is at least, AT LEAST 120 hours for those on disability right??? how many more hundreds of gaming hours should i spend before i get tired of doing the same thing over and over again for no reward?

  • VeryDisappointedCostumer

    By the time the next update comes out, COD Ghosts will be out and most of GtaV players will be playing it. Rockstar mess up a would be best game of the year.

  • starbwoy185

    never had problems making money its so simple, most of y’all are just lazy step 1 get a bike bati 801 regular and once you ride out usually there will be cavalcades or gallivanters spawned sell that thats an easy 9k every 45 mins, races give alot of money too granted you can win or come in the top 3 shop lifting not so much. missions try playing them to earn cash there are so many ways i got a 150k apartment,3 bikes and a car all that earned in two days and im not even an avid games rockstar can stuff their money feels better making my own anyways just fix the game thats all i want.

  • Hamza Ali

    it would be sikk.

  • Mari Johnson

    No we need the money itsso hard making the money by yourself so why dont you people just stop to think “i dont have a house” or “oh i need a car jerk keep blow the cars i get up” or i wann just go to a freaking stip club and get all the dancers to like me. We can wait for the heists because some people are alredy lvl. 100+ so it will be available to those people while they may $1000000 a day while other people have to wait to get 4 people to do the heist 1 for tech,1 for the getaway, and the other 2 go get the money the host might be greedy and, not split the money all everyone would get is 25% each. Just think about what you guys post for ideas for things and you make the developer mess up the whole project. Think People. >:(

  • euli

    Heist Please its way better and we been waiting and are all excited for it.

  • Jorelle Phillips


  • Enmauel Sanchez

    That is so true I prefer getting heist before the money most ppl already own what they wantes

  • Charlieee

    Join our crew ‘Beat the Boss” we are all dressing up in suits and masks (must be over level 60 due to the mask unlock at that level)

    • James

      Yeah man sounds great send me an invite I’m LVL 107.

    • Jonessssyy

      what console ps3 or xbox?

  • Reece B

    Heists first, cash cards later, I bought a cash card and I didn’t get the money for a few days, and I only got it then because I complained to rockstar. After that my character was deleted so I lost everything I spent that money on anyway. Rockstar have said many times that microtransactions are optional but they really are trying to make us buy them. Me and all of my friends agree that gta online is getting very boring very quickly because nothing new is being released and we all want heists to be released.

  • Jason A

    Rockstar used to be held in high regards in my mind. This game has changed that drastically.

    • Achilles

      I agree. I remember when Rockstar was about quality and fun, GTA Vice City and San Andreas, Bully, Manhunt, Warriors, Max Payne. GTA V feels like a sell out. I can’t even start a shoot out in the strip club or pull out my piece in my own apartment. There was a time when GTA meant 100% freedom. And the radio stations are terrible with the exception of 2 or 3. I used to enjoy the GTA games for YEARS. GTA V was solid for a month, now I can’t even play for longer than 20 minutes due to boredom.

  • Online Natural Enemy

    They’ll probably take you a week to set up. Cost you more in ammo, equipment and vehicle mods than you’ll actually make for the Heist itself. Their main priority over the past weeks seem to be making sure people earn less money, than actually being able to play problem free.

    • Guest

      I agree. I remember when Rockstar was about QUALITY like GTA Vice City, Manhunt, Bully, Warriors. Man I miss those days.

  • joe

    watch how heists only net you max 25k or you can only do them once a week to try to restrict cashflow so honest people have to pay for fake gta money

    • Justme

      People aren’t forced to get fake GTA money. It’s like everything else in life you have a choice! Do jobs and earn the money like that instead