GTA V 1.05 update needs Heists, not Stimulus Package

Are you patiently waiting for Rockstar to announce the GTA V Heists DLC release date already? It seems like we have been waiting an eternity for this content to arrive since the launch of the game, but unfortunately it looks like Rockstar are happy to keep fans waiting in preference to a continued push on the GTA cash cards.

At the end of last month we asked you what fixes needed to come with the GTA V 1.05 update and now you have answered in the masses. It’s clear that the majority of gamers want GTA V Heists to arrive with 1.05 update, but sadly we doubt it will happen due to the Stimulus Package.

Rockstar has sent out word on their website that the 1.05 update is almost ready and will release early next week on PS3 and Xbox 360. As you know, the first payment will be offered to gamers with a cool $250,000 deposited into each and every account that played the game in October.

The GTA V 1.05 patch will go live early at the start of the week and should specifically improve the odds of your character not being deleted the next time you boot up online mode. Then, towards the end of next week Rockstar has said that the Stimulus Package release date should finally be upon.

Is it what you want though? We have a feeling that if you ask the majority of GTA V players, most will turn round and say that they are willing to skip the free $500,000 in favor of having brand new Heists missions to play.

Most players believe it will be a method of earning legitimate cash after the mission income was cut by half. Having said that, some also speculate that the easy-earning potential of Heists is what is keeping it from being released, since Rockstar wants to advertise their cash card system further.

Do you agree that you would rather see Heists next week, than the Stimulus Package? Give us your thoughts on this below.



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