FIFA 14 free kick and penalty takers

Football managers know from the start who the best penalty takers in a team are, and so already make the decision long before the match begins as to who will take a free kick or penalty. When playing FIFA 14 you become the player and the manager because you not only have to play the game yourself, you also have to choose which of the players will take these valuable shots.

We are sure there are times when you do not choose the correct player to help your team progress, and so some of you might need a helping hand in learning who these best players are. The thing is, there are some FIFA 14 players who choose not to make changes to the pre-set penalty free kick or penalty takers.

If you are one of those people, then you are losing out massively because this is the wrong thing to do. You should know the squad you are playing with well and the players who excel in certain areas because this could be key to winning.

We have come across two articles that will help you with this very dilemma; with the first showing you the 20 best FIFA 14 free kick takers. It is more important than ever to use this list, as they will help you overcome your opposition in a game that now relies on real ball physics.

The other list is for the best FIFA 14 penalty takers, but we have to warn that the list has only taken into consideration regular players and no In Form cards. You might not agree with either list, but we urge you to give them a go and see if they will help improve your game.



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